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10-27-2002, 10:00 AM
Mon 28 12:30 AM Twilight Zone: A Game of Pool - SCI-FI
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Tue 29 12:30 PM Room for Change: Western Ranch Makeover-HGTV
Room for Change Western Ranch Makeover 30 min. Creating a room in which to play pool.

Category: Home & Garden

Additional Airings
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Tuesday, 29 12:30 PM
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Sat 2 8:00 AM Beverly Hills, 90210: I Want to Reach Right Out & Grab Ya FX
Beverly Hills, 90210
I Want to Reach Right Out & Grab Ya
60 min.
Donna's parents separate; Matt and Dylan team as pool sharks; David befriends a former top DJ (Shadoe Stevens); Janet and Steve baby-sit a child prodigy; Gina fibs about her relationship with a celebrity; Kelly reveals a "truth" under hypnosis. Peter