View Full Version : BW is a good sport!

10-28-2002, 09:51 PM
This from the "Behold, a spectacular conversion" thread:

Conversion from the infidel faith at sword point...how very sad, but predictable:-) BW is so emotionally needy she would have done anything. She took out both knee pads this time and didn't spare any spittle. Looks like they will be mailing her the Inner Circle membership card anytime now. LOL............

Quote: Anonymous:
jeez, one wonders what the Whitewolf's take on his wife's conversion to the state-sponsored religion would be?

LOL. ww and I have a sound marriage (both loving pool definately helps) but he is way more conservative than I am. we dont vote the same, think the same on many social issues and as for beliefs, well they arent the same either.

for a marriage to work, though, it is all about acceptance of the other person and committment.


I hereby nominate BW as the most improved CCBer in 2002!

P.S. Hope y'all at the Clubhouse mailed BW her Inner Circle membership card ;-) She had more than earned it!