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01-14-2013, 08:48 PM
I got to thinking after noticing my waitress has been wiping her nose a lot from time to time...the pool hall is likely a bad place to try and avoid the flu. Be it the waitress, casual friends who you shake hands with, the bartender, or simply handling a rack of balls that the last group of players used ahead of you...we are all at a definite threat of getting sick in this sport. Think about it. Service people, waitresses for one, most depend($$$) on HAVING to be on the job even if they feel bad, so being that they deliver drinks and food, exchanging money by many, many people in an evening of running around the floor, YOU have a very poor chance of missing the contact of any virus. Just my thoughts. sid~~~needs to get religious about washing hands more

01-15-2013, 09:27 AM

NY governor declares emergency as flu epidemic spreads

An epidemic! Not really a surprise when the sick are forced to go to work and infect others.

Its been shown that paid sick leave is cost effective but then again, the GOP don't believe in facts.


Paid Sick Days: Restaurant Lobby Fights New Laws For Workers


Among the supporters for Initiative 300 is Denver resident Laura Baker. Baker, 24, has been working part-time as a barista at Starbucks for more than a year, a job she says she enjoys very much. She's on the company's health plan but has no sick days. Though she doesn't like to admit it, she's gone into work sick at times and handled customers' drinks.

She feels guilty about it, but she says she can't afford to miss a day of work. If she doesn't work, she doesn't get paid.

"If I work an 8-hour shift I make about $65," Baker says. "That's enough to pay my utilities for an entire month, or groceries for a couple of weeks. It has a very real impact if I miss my shift."

"I care deeply about my customers," she adds. "It freaks me out to think I may be infecting them with what I have, but the reality is we have to survive. That means going to work sick." Baker says the economic downturn doesn't diminish the need for sick days so much as reinforce it, arguing that workers should be able to miss a day's work due to illness without worrying they'll be replaced. She says she's "appalled" by the restaurant industry's opposition to the law.

Imagine there was an outbreak of leprosy!..and the infected were still working!


Gayle in MD
01-15-2013, 10:54 AM
If everyone would just get the damn flu shot, these epidemics wouldn't become so broad.

It's the people who don't get the shot, that end up killing others by increasing the number of victims.

Like everything else, people don't have the facts, and they think getting the shot makes you feel sick, or can give you the flu, which is total BS.