View Full Version : Outfoxed: Fox News technique: "some people say"

03-17-2013, 01:10 AM
The tactics of Propaganda, disseminating lies and creating conflict.

"Some people say" that the sky is blue and Obama wants to make it red because he's a communist, this is "creating controversy" amongst "some groups" why do you think that Obama wants to violate America?" <<<--- typical leading question on fox "news".

Want To See Fox News Lose All Its Credibility In 93 Seconds?

If you ever want to use an argument that has no basis in reality and is horribly short-sighted, simply follow the example set by Fox News. They make "reporting" on the "news" seem "worthwhile." At least, that's what some people say.

http://youtu.be/NYA9ufivbDw (http://youtu.be/NYA9ufivbDw)

Gayle in MD
03-18-2013, 12:13 PM
A lot like some of the posts we see on here, lol..you know, those absrud, "Rumor has it" BS.

Corrupt organization. And Scarborough uses the same exact tactics on RW MSNBC, mislabeled as a Liberal New Organization.