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03-17-2013, 12:48 PM
Nine years later nothing has changed. We continue to subsidize walmart.

Full text from report Feb.16th 2004 Congressman George Miller - Everyday Low Wages:
The Hidden Price We All Pay For Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart's Labor Record:

http://www.mindfully.org/Industry/2004/Wal-Mart-Labor-Record16feb04.htm (http://www.mindfully.org/Industry/2004/Wal-Mart-Labor-Record16feb04.htm)


03-17-2013, 02:51 PM
Its unfortunate that we hav/need unions. Unions are an inefficient system. Worker's issues are important and shood be undertaken by government.

03-17-2013, 09:44 PM
Unions keep big business honest.

03-18-2013, 12:04 AM
They kan do good work -- but the other side iz that u havtahav a syrian style war every year for a pay rize.

Gayle in MD
03-18-2013, 12:04 PM
I don't agree with you Mac.

Unions are very important. Given the corruption of American corporations, we need unions now more than ever before, and all of the workers we know are dying, in the Oil Industry, in the Coal Industry, much of it due to tools of the Republicans, Like Mitch McConnell's Chinese wife, who did not enforce safety measures on owners of those coal mines regulations were oil and coal were supposed to be held to account for, for safety, and to prevent pollution, and for protecting their miners, instead of cutting costs, and killing their own employees, and that is just ONE example, there are many more.

Workers issues are important, and that's why we have Unions.


Gayle in MD
03-18-2013, 12:05 PM
That's not true. Union contracts do not go up for review every year.

03-18-2013, 03:03 PM
Yes, but all the same with never less than 10% real unemployment (and probly closer to 20% at prezent) theusofa unions hav a big battle -- and of course guys like Wallmart rule the roost (what with praps 50% youth unemployment).
An adult karnt get less than $19 per hr in oz. I know an idiot who got a job at $27 per hour, plus regular overtime.
And, safety and pollution are regulated and policed in ozz -- they aint political (not direktly anyhow).