View Full Version : Twice the flames, twice the fun!

10-31-2002, 01:38 PM
Quote: nAz:
By the way If the IPs are posted again it wouldnt matter those are not the real ones, BD web master has the real ones stored, just like they have mines. i think

Quote: Anonymous:


If people have ISP with dynamic IPs, or work in corporate environment with a gigantic network, or post out of a giant metropolitan library, or from net cafes and kiosks, the posting of IPs idea wouldn't work at all. Webmaster would just be spending all day deleting. Also think of the regulars here who share IPs here(there are quite a few), the AOLers(and it would come as no surprise that they wouldn't mind) and they would be painted by the same brush. Finally, didn't we all learn the lessons from the IPs witch hunts in the past?


I say put the IPs back. Then we can flame each other as we do now AS WELL AS engage in endless pool detective hunts.

Now what can be more fun than that?