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02-17-2002, 07:57 PM
This is my reply to you about surgery and herbs. I went to
the archives and copied the message.

Ma-hauang, a common herb found at health stores and quick marts etc, is a product you buy to increase you energy level or lose weight. It contains ephedra, which is a super stimulant. It is also is in some of the herbal supplements made to help cure colds and flu. It definitely dries up sinus conditions. Guarana extract is along the same line but not near as strong, it also contains caffeine. Licorice is harmless enough but it can make your body retain water. There is more but these are the ones I avoid because of elevated blood pressure.
Ginger is blood thinner, that is good for me but I'd avoid it before surgery.
St Johns Wart is an antidepressant but not to be used if one is taking an antidepressant prescribed by your doctor, I don't take either.
I have some books on herbal and alternative medicine that I use to read quite often just so I knew what was good and bad for me and notes. There stored somewhere but there are few that I take anymore.
People should know what the effects are related to their personal health. I've forgot now but as I recall there may be a couple of vitamins that shouldn't be taken before surgery.
My opinion is discontinuing anything 2 or 3 days before surgery to be safe. The Doctor or hospital should inform you of this before surgery. Usually they will say, don't take, eat or drink anything at least 12 hours before.
Do a search on a health web site, about what you take and also, what if any condition and any complications. Some people might be surprised.

Rod ~~ can climb a flag pole after Ma-hauang

02-18-2002, 09:42 AM
Thanks, Rod, for going to the trouble to answer. I forgot about the CCB changing, and when I logged in this morning to see if there were any responses, everything looked different!