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11-04-2002, 08:57 PM
"The BCA is dedicated to promoting and growing cue sports worldwide through industry research and promotion, participating in the process of Olympic recognition, hosting amateur, junior and professional tournaments", AND SUPPORTING ITS BUSINESS MEMBERS BY ENHANCING THE IMAGE OF BILLIARDS AND BROADENING ITS APPEAL.

All I ask you all "IS", do you think the BCA lives up to the above statement?????? Are they "really" willing to help non-members as much as the members??? Are they (the board)willing to add the staff to handle REALLY promoting the sport for their non-members like they say they are willing to do??? The current staff is WAY TOO small.
( this above statements is a "Copy/Paste") off their own website.

Chris Cass
11-04-2002, 09:15 PM

The Mission statement. You should hear the casino's Mission statement. You'd laugh yourself to death. Like the casinos care about you. All they want is the doe. If your up a couple thousand, they want to give you a room, comp you a free buffet and offer to buy you some smokes. If your down a couple thousand, they could care less if your hungry or need a room. Now, that all changes if you have more money that they know about. Then, hey everything has a different prospective.



11-05-2002, 12:11 AM
I think the BCA is only worried about the BCA.
I believe that they are worried about the food on their table instead of the pool industry. The BCA makes money for the BCA...not for pool.
Keep the industry broke so that when pool players come begging for a handout...the BCA tosses them a biscuit, and then eat like royalty THEMSELVES.
Bunch of crooks if you ask me!

11-05-2002, 03:39 AM
I think that's a pretty cynical outlook. More importantly, you're falling into that fallacious type of argument where you blame "they" as the cause for all of pool's woes. We can say whatever we want about "they," because "they" are evil, creepy-crawly monsters that eat little children. Now, if the hysterical mob will kindly put down their torches, we can expose the real witches here.

We can and should blame specific individuals for not living up to the BCA mission statement. We should also realize that many of the individuals that run the BCA probably have their own motives for what they do, but are you trying to tell me that everybody who works for the BCA is drinking martinis in their 2000 square foot office, laughing maniacally, and twirling their mustaches? I think you're overgeneralizing. If we want to look at the track record for BCA, yes, as an organization it falls short of its stated goals. Pool isn't in the Olympics yet. But, sheesh, even falling short isn't all that bad. If there were no BCA, I would be playing in two fewer leagues per week and I wouldn't have been able to buy a cue for 25% less than retail. And did I mishear someone saying that pool will be an exhibition sport in 2008?

The problems with pool right now are as variegated as the organizations that seek to administer pool throughout the US and the world. I'm not even disagreeing with you that the BCA decision-makers are more self-involved than they are philanthropic, but let us please be more specific in addressing the problem. They're a bunch of crooks? Please name the crooks and their offenses to the pool community. And then once we've named them, let's do something about it. Don't sit at your computer and badmouth someone for not doing for pool what you're not doing for pool.

I don't have any vested interest in this argument: I'm not a BCA board member or a paid marketing representative. But I am interested in enhancing billiards' image and braodening its appeal. So if you're going to point out the BCA's faults, you should at least be ready to meet your burden of proof, namely what those faults are and who specifically is causing them to fall short of a mission statement which I think we all agree is the right direction for pool.

11-05-2002, 05:21 AM
Ludba,I am not laying blame of any type, just giving you a realistic view of what happens when a non-member asks for support from the "governing body of the sport"? Now tell me, are the manufacturer's and distributors on the BCA board really representing the sport??? Blame is not what I am after just exposure of a truism and disfunction of the BCA that posters should be aware of.
When you say we should blame specific individuals for "not living up to the BCA mission statement" they can all hide behind, "my boss told me to do it, or it was board directed". As the board constatly changes so do its personal needs, like Cohen (D&R cloth, you know, the valley table cloth at Nationals in May) being upset with Diamond for not having his cloth on the "smart" table and not wanting the Red Wing tournament to go on because of ...... well you know the rest of the story. Back to my original statement, they really only support their members, not non-members, they are way understaffed and that is board directed. Hell, they pulled the scholarship program for the Junior Nationals with no "lets do this in place of what we took away". Diamond was asking only "$10 grand to haul and set up 20 9 foot tables in Louisville for the Junior Nationals, the BCA would not do it, why? One sad example... Belive me, I am trying to do something for pool, its just when I as a non-member ask for their help they say why arn't you a member first. So how was Billiards Awareness Month for you this year?? I know that if I was to pay my $150 as a member (up $50 from the prior year)I would STILL get the same run around, they have no EXTRA time at the BCA offices to do ANYTHING but whats in front of them, and that is a fact, jack. The BCA has too long been picking the fruit but not watering the tree, the non-members are the roots. The crooks are those business men on the board who won't let the BCA do anything directly with non-members, when yet the say they really do.

11-05-2002, 06:32 AM
Spoken like a true loner.....Randyg..Proud former BCA Board of Director and their Chairperson for the LEAGUE & PROGRAM Committee. By the way, how many Staff members are employed?

Chris Cass
11-05-2002, 08:41 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Anonymous:</font><hr> I think the BCA is only worried about the BCA.
I believe that they are worried about the food on their table instead of the pool industry. The BCA makes money for the BCA...not for pool.
Keep the industry broke so that when pool players come begging for a handout...the BCA tosses them a biscuit, and then eat like royalty THEMSELVES.
Bunch of crooks if you ask me! <hr></blockquote>


Ok, first my friend. I never said the BCA were a bunch of crooks nor did I imply that. I pointed out it was merely a company mission statement in which all companies have adopted and extremely popular these days.

Also, that the BCA isn't a non-profit organization. The BCA board members vote on issues and I'm sure majority rules here. One thing is certain. The BCA must function as a company also with it's so many members. They must allow the companies needs to come first to keep the BCA in place. Then, it's members, so on and so on. Priority is the key in any business.

As far as costs go, with the continued growth of it's membership comes increasing costs for paperwork generated and salaries(sp), publications, rule books and other increasing needs. The rates have to be passed onto it's members.

I don't work for the BCA. Although, I'm a member and understand these costs must be met. I don't have any dealings with the BCA other than membership and don't have first hand knowledge of the innerworkings of the BCA. For all I know it could be faulting? Until proof is available, one must consider them on the up and up. After all, if we didn't have the BCA? I'm sure some other organization would be in charge of the masses.



11-05-2002, 11:03 AM
I thought the BCA was a non-profit C-5 Corp. ?? Hell, when they redid the "How To Play Pool Right" booklet that originally costs .15 cents each they jacked it to $1.25 each and had Randy G. directly involved in its editing (Kudo's). DiMotta now instead of paying $750.00 per 5000 He had to cough up a whopping $6,250 for the same copy pretty much. Guess what, no one purchased ANY until the light went on "Oops, we're ripping our Member's again".
Yours, truly,
The Concerned One

11-06-2002, 04:07 AM
Sorry to bring up the inherent problem of anonymous posts, but...

Is the anonymous poster who started this thread a different individual than the BCA-is-a-bunch-of-crooks anonymous poster? I was responding to the latter post, which appears less convincing and certainly less rational. The difference in style made me think there were two different people.

The original anonymous (Anonymous Primus) is bringing up a good question, something we pool patrons should all be considering: are our pool organizations protecting pool's best interests (whether we pay annual dues or not)? The second anonymous (Anonymous Irrationalis) is just flinging mud. If it's only one person, please tell Mr. Hyde to refrain from making Dr. Jeckyll look bad.

By the way, I'm not on the anti-anonymous bandwagon; it's just confusing sometimes.

11-06-2002, 04:35 PM
Hooray! Applause!!! Well done!!

I hope you stick around and continue to add value to this forum.

I have never really considered whether or not the BCA is doing enough for pool. I am sure it is a question worth answering and I look forward to hearing more about the subject.

I know that to exhibit in their trade show you need to be a member ($500 per year) and the booth space is more than $1,000. That seems like a lot to pay for the smaller companies. I also know that I like their leagues and have participated in their national tournament in Vegas. I had a great experience with that. I went to the pro event while I was in Vegas and that was well done. Could they do more? Probably. They distribute a CD to their business memebers that has copyright free artwork and templates for advertising. I have a copy and it is very good. It has a bunch of file formats for each image/template - including formats used by pro graphic designers. You can give the files to your designer to use for your marketing. Saves time and money. That's pretty cool. Anyone else know more? I'd be interested in knowing exactly what the complaints of the anonymous posters are.


Chris Cass
11-06-2002, 05:07 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: Anonymous:</font><hr> I thought the BCA was a non-profit C-5 Corp. ?? Yours, truly,
The Concerned One <hr></blockquote>

For all I know it might be? I would think though, why would they not make something for the headaches? There's a lot of money that is in play at Vegas every yr. I know money is filtered back to the leagues from somewhere?

You need RandyG. or a more knowledgable poster to answer this question. I know you mean no harm and your post was in jest. Myself, I know, there's the ball. Shoot the ball. hahahaha


C.C.~~pool detective but doesn't work the business side. I leave that stuff up to the smart cookie, agent99....