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11-05-2002, 02:56 PM
We are in the process of organizing a ten stop tour culminating in a singles and scotch doubles championship. As we are striving to put on the best tour possible, we are looking for input about things you like or would like to see done at tournaments with $1,000 or $2,000 added money.

Chris Cass
11-05-2002, 05:53 PM

I would like see match times posted. No Fri. start Date, it only costs more money for the players to stay in a hotel for another nite. They never work out anyway.

Calcutta start on time and or player auction. This is a must for a better turnout.

Low entry fee.

Keep the crowd out of the players area. Including seats for the players.

If your going to throw on an event, then make sure you publicize for max turnout.

If you set forth rules? Then, make sure you enforce them.

Player discounts on hotel rates.

Referee's available if need be.

Do not accept or tollerate poor conduct from any players.

If a player doesn't show up for the loser bracket match? Hold them liable to the person buying them in the calcutta and refuse entry in other events till, the money is refunded to the person who bought them in the calcutta. Only fair.

Keep the matches going if you can and keep the tables full.

That's all I can think of for now.



11-05-2002, 07:02 PM
If you hold a calcutta publish a best bets sheet describing the favorites.

For the railbirds:
Clearly visible score markers.
Player name placards.

If you have an early start time (9:00 am) and don't have breakfast service then offer continental breakfast.

During the players meeting:
Specify what rules you will be playing by and highlight any exceptions. Have at least one publihed copy of the rules available at all times.
Be very clear on the rules for players taking a break during a match.
Be very clear on the method your referrees will use to judge double hits.

Chris Cass
11-06-2002, 12:46 AM
Good stuff brother or sister what ever the case, your right on the money.

C.C.~~wasn't able to do breakfast last tourney and all the restaurants were slammed. That totally sucked.