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11-06-2002, 10:39 AM

Frequently Asked Questions About Cue Sports


0. What are Frequently Asked Questions About Cue Sports?
1. What does XXX mean?
2. What are the rules for XXX?
3. How do I hit a jump shot?
4. How can I put back spin on the ball?
5. What is a push shot?
6. What is the "Diamond System"?
7. How should I choose a cue?
8. Ok, I've got a cue. How do I take care of it?
9. My shaft has a dent. What now?
10. How much room do I need for a table?
11. Can I build my own table and cue?
12. How can I learn about billiard physics?
13. Where can I go for more information?
14. What is the record for X?
15. How does the APA handicapping system work?
16. Where's the TV schedule for cue sports?
17. Where can I buy/sell a billiard thingy?
18. What are the different hardnesses of cue tips?
19. Where can I play Virtual Pool on the Internet?
20. Which rooms are in X City?
21. What is a dominant eye?
22. What are some common strategies in the various games?
23. Where can I find tournament brackets (flowcharts)
24. How can I heat a billiard table?
25. How well do I play? Am I an A or a D?
26. What is good table maintenance?
27. What are those funny numbers people post to the group?