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11-08-2002, 02:31 PM
Now that I have your attention !!!!

Read the below....... Please stay open minded.

Play in the Viking Tour events whenever possible. Go out of your way to
attend these events.

It's worth it !


Ok bear with me. I'm going tell ya why.

When I first started this tour back in 94 it had 17 events.
16 - $500 added tournaments and 1-$5,000 added championship.

It then went to 25 events.
(24 - $500 added & 1 - $5,000 added)

Then it was 25 events but
(24 - $1,000 added and 1 - $5,000 added)

then it became 37 events
(36 $1,000 added and 1 - $5,000 added)

and then
(48 $1,000 added and 1 $5,000 added)

now it's
(48 - $1,000 added, 4 - $5,000 added and 1 $25,000 event)


Why has the sponsorship increased so much over the years?

Mainly because the average player attended the event and wanted more. We gave it to them.
We (I) could have taken the extra sponsorship and had larger tournaments like 10 - $5,000 added events and 4 - $10,000 added events. But what would have happened if I did that? Here's what I think, the average player wouldn't
be able to compete because the top pro's would dominate the field. The races would be longer, because that's what the better player prefers (race to 9, 11 or 13). And thus, it would kill the hopes of the wannabee (you and me). That's why there's more events and they are still mostly $1,000 added. They are there for us, the wannabees. The people that need to gain ability and learn to handle the pressure during competitive play in a 1 on 1 atmosphere.

What's the point?

The point is. The more players I hear from (not the top dogs) but us average players, the better I can understand what we need to do to keep improving our end of the spectrum. The more players that attend the Viking Tour events the more monies (sponsorships) I can get to hold more or even larger events.

Right now the Viking Tour is designed to bring players through 3 different levels of competitive play. (1. the local level our $1,000 added events), (2. the regional level our $5,000 added events) and (3. the national level
our $25,000 added event)

What can it be?

It could be a lot more. But I need your participation to get it.

Why ? Good Question!

Imagine this......(enter dream state now)

Every time you go to a tournament there are hundreds of players waiting to get in the door to compete. Pool rooms have to be larger to hold all the participants. That's were someone gets the idea of opening special tournament facilities where you can go and see or even compete with the
thousands of players in the event (remember your still dreaming). They have concession stands and a complete pro shop where you can see, touch, try and learn about all the products before you buy them. A pro comes in just to
show you the proper bridge to use or how to properly sight the object ball. And his/her services are free just because your there. Not to mention because the pro makes millions every year from product endorsements on TV. Kids can learn and watch, moms bring in there youngins to see, get autographs and take a few pictures of there kids favorite pool player. Ya know the ones the parents and kids watch on TV every Sunday afternoon and in the evenings. NOW WAKE UP!

Here's where we are at now......

Pool is on TV, although very scarce, it's still on there. Are you watching?
I am.

Tournaments take place every day of the week and every weekend all over the
country. Are you going to them? I am.
At these tournaments, 1 dayers during the week get 8-50 players at best. 2
dayers on weekends average from 32 to 128 players. 5 day events with high
entry fees are for the top dogs, the pros, the guys who don't work for a
living (not that playing pool 10 hours a day isn't a full time position, it
just doesn't pay like one) they get from 32 to 256 players.

Companies sponsor tournaments. Do you buy there products? I do.


Ah, never mind the dream, just remember what it can be. How can you help?

In case you don't know, That dream is my dream. It can happen.

Here's were the Viking Tour is at now.

We travel to many major cities and hold events. Sometimes we get 50 player
and other times we get 90 and up.
At each event we ( I ) display products from our sponsors and let you try
them and answer any questions. I can even teach you how to use them, And I
will if your there. You can also buy the products or play in the events.
Most products are discounted around 20% at the events and the tournaments
are cheap to enter (they average about $30). You get to play pool all day,
pick up some knowledge and talk with fellow pool enthusiasts. There's
usually some top dogs there to, most of them are very outgoing and will even
give you some free pointers. The only things missing from my dream are a
couple of hundred players and YOU. ( and ohh yeah, the TV)

It's possible to have all we dream about the sport. All you have to do is
become an active participant.

I'll end this by saying..........

No matter what region of the country or world you are in. If you and
everyone like you goes to tournaments, plays in them, buys the sponsors
products and has a good time. We can get more sponsorship. So whether it's
the Viking Tour or anyone else's, it's your job to help support the event.

See ya on the road,


The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour is sponsored by the following:


SUPPORT Our Awesome Sponsors !

Viking Cues
( http://www.vikingcue.com ),
Iwan Simonis Cloth
( http://www.simoniscloth.com ),
Tiger Products
( http://www.tigerproducts.com),
Joe Porper's Creative Inventions
( http://www.porper.com ),
The Monk Billiard Academy
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PCC Products,
Willard's Cue Tip Shapers,
Westar International,
Silver Cup Chalk,
The Ultimate Cue Tip Tool,
A Night At The Parlour Book,
Stubby Tip
Billiards Press

Mike Janis
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour

Mike Janis
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
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11-08-2002, 03:56 PM
This is a great positive post and I couldn't agree with you more.

Keep up the great work you do with the Viking Tour, it's very appreciated.

11-08-2002, 05:27 PM

See ya at SnookerS in December..

11-08-2002, 08:52 PM
Keep up the good work Mike...I've been to three of your tournaments in Charlotte and have bought merchandise but have not had the nerve to play . I will enter the next one.

11-09-2002, 01:19 AM
since you brought it up, my husband,ww, has this dream of opening a pool hall.especially in a town where people have to drive a long way to play pool.he would gear it towards leagues and tournaments, i am sure. maybe i have been sqelching his dream a little by telling him it would probably cost more than 200,000 to open.

how expensive is it. and how risky a business endeavor is it?


11-09-2002, 02:34 AM
mike's event in lexington, the prior viking tour championships was freaking great. top notch all around. he is one of the best, the UPA should hire him! i will always recommend mike's viking events. no one loses, check them out and see how events should be run!!!! keep up the great work, the viking tour is the shiznit!!! go and see for yourself!!


Ralph S.
11-09-2002, 07:22 AM
Mike, I would love to attend and play in a Viking event. What are the possibilities and or do you have anything currently set up in the northern Indiana area?
Ralph S.

11-09-2002, 07:30 AM
Well, when are you going to have a tournament west of the Mississippi?