View Full Version : Midwest 9ball Tour Results? Burlington Iowa

11-10-2002, 03:42 PM
Anyone got any info/results from this tournament? Or action results? thanks in advance.

Chris Cass
11-10-2002, 07:33 PM
Hi Perk,

1st. Jesse Bowman
2nd. Rich Sager
3rd. Andy Scott
4th. Whitey Walker
5th/6th. Josh Johnson and Jamie Baraks

I didn't do much of anything. I drew Whitey in the first mach. Missed 2 jumps, broke once came up dry, missed the 8 ball once. score 9-7.

Next mach played Brian Tohmpson. Put a 5 pack on him then a 4 pack. won 9-2.

Then played Mario Parayno from Mn. Was ahead 6-4 then, he caught up 6-6 and through saftey play and breaks lost to Mario 9-6.

The good thing, I came out of my slump. Now, to work on my endurance and attention to detail. It all came down to the snaps and errors made. Of couse, you could still lose even if you play perfect. JAT

Met a fellow CCBer. His name is Bob. He told me he lurks but was really nice. He's from Dubuque, Ia. He came over to say hi.

Players you might regonize,
Ty Wilson, Jesse Bowman, Jamie Baraks, Chad Vilmont, Mario Parayno, Bobby McGrath, Donnie Brown, Gordon Petterson, Rich Segar, Brad Simpson(blue book of cues), to name a few. 68 player field.

Heide(Karatemom) played. She made a milestone in one of her matches beating a fellow player of hers and teammate 7-3. I am so proud of her. Placed 4th, out of the 8 player field but still, she done good. Her first big one.


C.C.~~talking to Jesse. He says Chris, you need to take off only one of these events and then there won't be anything stopping you. Then, he says, you should be cashing in most of them anyway....that was nice but alast, I didn't. LOL

11-11-2002, 05:56 AM
Sounded like a good weekend though. Thanks for the results. Any action that you were aware of?

11-11-2002, 07:54 AM
Thanks for the run-down Chris. I tried to get there Sunday but circumstances just didn't allow. I wanted to meet Heide and Christ and say "hey" to you and cheer you on. Like Jesse I'm really surprised you haven't won one of those tournaments. You've got it all together and don't have to lose to anybody there. One of these days.........


Chris Cass
11-11-2002, 09:15 AM
Thanks Jim,

I think I found the problem. It's not the shots or the patterns. The grip or the stance. The eye movements or the nerves. It's more than likely the pressure, I put on myself to make it happen. I tend to pick up my rhythm during the set that, might be throwing me out.

I'm having a hard time with my breaks since, I hurt the back but it's coming around. I made mistakes. This is not acceptable if your playing the caliber players that I seem, to draw in the early rounds. Luck of the draw? Nope, I need to come out of the gate a little sooner and keep my concentration at a maximum.

I need to capitalize on their mistakes and focus on what's going on at that point in time. After 8 hrs it becomes hard to keep that high level of focus and concentration. You must, if you intend to win. Every shot is crucial and needs 100% focus. I also notice my jumps and breaks hurt me. You need to take extra attention and increase focus and concentration on both these shots. When I do, they're good.

Ran into Brad Simpson. We talked for awhile and exchanged cues to look at. He's got a really nice 6 Ivory point w/ Cocobolo South West cue. He wanted me to see his dads cue. He didn't bring it. Suppose to be a real looker. Anyway, he still likes my cue. Funny, when Whitey and I played there was two others with S.W.'s watching. Again, I failed to press the kill button. lol


C.C.~~maybe next time we'll run into each other. Maybe, I will do something by then.