View Full Version : Kim Shaw Wins Hagerstown!

11-10-2002, 07:38 PM
Kim Shaw was put into the wrong side of the chart by Sueyen Rhee on a 7-4 score only to come back and win 9-2 to take a final qualifying spot for Valley Forge. This will be the last qualifier that Kim Shaw will be able to win since all Kim needs is to show up at the WPBA Nats in December to make her Touring Pro status. And this would be because Kim needed the attendance points for the calendar year, not the Pro points - she already had those.

NEWT has to make the announcement that Micaela Dames has stepped down (she says she's "retired", yeah, okay) as Co-RTC. Micaela did a wonderfully awesome job in scheduling events for NEWT that made the tour run seamlessly from year to year. All those of you who are NEWT women who lurk on this board could maybe give her the KUDOS she deserves.

Thank you,

Barbara~~~gonna nonimate Nostoke as "Official NEWT Groupie"!!! /ccboard/images/icons/laugh.gif!