View Full Version : What are PMs (Private Messages)?

11-11-2002, 03:18 PM
Common question:
"What are PMs?"

PMs are Private Messages. Registered Users here may send private messages to other registered users. Its like our own personalized in-house email system.

The "Home Base" for the Private Message system can be found (after you're logged in) by clicking the "My Home" link at the top of the screen.

From here, on the left hand side, you'll see links for "Send a PM", "Received Private Messages" and "Sent Private Messages".

When you have received a new PM... a flashing indicator (like this: http://www.billiardsdigest.com/ccboard/images/newpm.gif) will appear to the left of the "Main Index" link at the top of the screen.
Clicking on this flashing indicator will take you to a list of your Private Messages.

To send a PM, click the "Send a PM" link on the "My Home" page.
Fill in the username (you can also build and select from an Address Book) and compose your message. There are also options at the bottom of the screen to keep a copy of your message, get a read receipt, or preview your message.

NOTE: Private messages may not stay in the system forever. From time to time, to save space the Administrators may purge old private messages.

If you would prefer Not to receive Private Messages from users, you may disable this feature. To disable Private Messages, go to the "My Home" page and then click "Edit" next to "Personal Information, email, password, etc.". Set the very last option on the page to "No", then click "Submit" to save the changes.

Another tip! To send a Private message... simply click on a user's name. Scroll to the bottom of their profile, and click on "Send a Private Message".