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Harold Acosta
11-11-2002, 05:13 PM
[b]Raymond Ceulemans still the best
Oranjestad, Aruba

Last night in front of a great crowd and live on television, sixty five year old Mr. Raymond Ceulemans again showed that he is the best billiard player ever. He had to come back from a one set deficit against strong Colombian player Jaime Bedoya who had a ten points rally in the first set. Mr. Ceulemans had a 3.0000 average in the last two sets to overcome the Colombian Veteran two sets to one. On the other table Semih Sayginer number two-ranked player in the World, beat Dutchman and team mate Clemie van Wanrooij in two sets, to setup the final match against the master. The final match was all Sayginer in the first two sets who took the lead in the best out of five serie with 15-4 and 15-6 scores. Ceulemans having the Aruban crowd on his side came back with a 12 points rally to break his own 11 points record set on Friday and winning three straight sets 15-4, 15-8 and 15-5. It was a great tournament in front of a knowledgeable crowd. For more then an hour after the final match the players showed trick shots and was giving tips to all present. The highlight during the trick shots was Semih Sayginer and Luis Aveiga from Ecuador who said in his interview that the only winner was the crowd who could enjoy "El Maestro de los Maestros" still at his peak. For next year the organizer are thinking of a sixteen players field from four continents.

Information from www.poolinaruba.com (http://www.poolinaruba.com)

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