View Full Version : Have you heard of this game?

11-12-2002, 11:38 AM
My friend says this game has been around for many years yet I have never heard of it. He calls it "Way pool".
Basically, it is 15 ball rotation (low ball on the table contacted first). The weird part is as follows: There are 10 "ways" per rack. Each odd ball is a way and there are 8 of them. The ninth "way" is most points with the value of the individual ball being a point. The tenth "way" is most balls per rack (8 or more). If the player gets all ten "ways" in the rack, then it is doubled and becomes 20 "ways". A "way" is whatever is decided on between the players. For us it is a quarter. There is no ball in hand. If you can't hit the low ball you can pushout, up to 3 times. The 4th consective foul is then ball in hand. Any body heard of this game?

11-12-2002, 11:47 AM
Common money game played years ago, often called, Odd ball. Can be played by many different rules. It was popular at a time when poolrooms had open games like pill pool going on. Boy do I miss those days. I often played from opening to closing and in 24 hour places, played for days at a time.

11-12-2002, 12:16 PM
I have played this game under the name "odd ball".
Here are couple of other unusual games:

"near pool" - This is a multi-player pill pool game. Rack all 15 ball and break wide open. The object ball is the ball nearest the cue ball. Select your money ball(s) from a pill bottle before you start. Keep a measuring tape around for this one.

"Blind 31" Again, a multi-player pill pool game. Rack, break, play and score as with standard rotation. At anytime while it is still your turn you yell "stop". At this time you draw your pill. Add the value of the pill to your accumulated score. If the total is over 31 you lose and are out of the game. If the total is exactly 31 you win the game. If it is under 31 keep the number secret and continue to play normally until all players have "stopped" or you are the only player in the game. Once you have "stopped" your score no longer accumulates. Once all players have "stopped" the player with the total closest to 31 is the winner.

Steve in CA