View Full Version : What is pool ?

11-13-2002, 02:48 PM
Right now pool is number of games played on a nine foot by four 1/2 foot monster we call a pool table. It has felt, pockets, rails, diamonds, pockets slate and its own personality.

We play assorted games rotation, eight, 14-1, line, 1 pocket, bank and others. People become good at it, some people become good at certain shots, or games, or verbal sharks or hustle etc.
No one can dominate the game but many can dominate a lot of the players.

So what is the pool ? Is it a sport? Is it a game? Is it a test of ones owne metal? Does it require great strength? Do you have an advantage if you are big, small or medium? Are their more than one way to do one thing? Is there differences of opinion about how to do something and all turn out to be wrong or right at the same time? Is is plane geomentry done by an artist? Is straight accounting done by street con-men?

I believe the answers are all yes.

As for myself, I believe pool is a prayer of men trying to understand. So we who have been charmed, We find a deep meaning is this simple but complex thing that pool encompasses.


11-13-2002, 05:17 PM
Nice post, HOWARD.