View Full Version : Joss tour event this weekend

03-08-2002, 12:48 AM
I had a few questions concerning the Joss event this weekend in Lancaster, Pa.

Is the NYC contingent planning on coming down..anyone know?

Also, is there a charge for being a spectator? I am considering driving 4 hours to watch this event, but I would only be able to watch Saturday, is this still worth it? How much of the event is played on the first day?



03-08-2002, 06:26 AM
There has not been an admission charge for any of the Joss events that I know of. They did not charge for the invitational either. Saturday is usually the best day to watch since it goes on for very long and the players that get eliminated can't be seen on Sunday.

75% of the field is eliminated by Sunday and that will include many players that you might want to watch. There will be far fewer matches on Sunday and often it is mostly the same people playing each event. I've gotten to watch Larry Johnson, Rodney Morris, Grady and Jimmy Fusco on Saturdays and Jimmy was the only one to make it to Sunday and then he played only once.

I don't know anything about the NYC group going but I'd be more interested in who they might have from NJ, PA and other loocations near to Lancaster.

It looks like at least 6 hours for me so I won't be going. Ken in CT