View Full Version : Wired tables?

phil in sofla
11-18-2002, 04:33 PM
How much 'unusual' success at breaking has to do with the table and the racker/rack situation being accidentally wired to yield that result, given the specific break position and speed of break, etc., you're using?

I seem to remember one of the controversies of Earl Strickland's break and run 10 racks (or was it 11?) at 9-ball was the frequency with which he was making the 9 on the break.

I've had two experiences like this. One, in 9-ball, making the 9 3 times on the break (in 3 different pockets?), and twice in that same set to 5, moving the 9 in front of a pocket, making for easy combos on it on the next ball. My opponent changed the rack location a little and I had no such success afterwards.

One, in 8-ball, mentioned in the 8 on the break thread recently, I made 3 CALLED 8s (in the side, one to end the set), and another in the wrong side (from what I called), and one that rolled to within an inch of the side pocket, in just 8 breaks. Later in the week, that same break was moving the 8 strongly about half the time, but not making it in the side (twice had it come back down to the head corner pocket, once banking cross corner and once directly), or making it nearly so often. (Different tables from the one I was so successful at, and racking my own balls, whereas my opponent was racking in the first case).