View Full Version : Stroke perfection between pro players

11-18-2002, 10:20 PM
Many pool players can't see a difference in stroke between pro players, because they don't have enough experience. You will need many years of watching other players, the easiest to do so is by watching it on TV. Video is the best way to watch the pro players, you can watch the same movement many times, even with slow motion. Snooker is the best to watch because they have much better strokes than pool players.

So how close are the pro players from perfection?

100% - Perfection

90% - Stephen Hendry

63-78% - Top snooker players

20-45% - Top pool players

Here you can see how much difference in stroke the top players have. There's a huge difference between Stephen Hendry and all the other top snooker players. But normal people who watch probably can't see a difference! Before I liked to watch Ronnie O'Sullivan on video because his stroke looked good, but now I feel like vomiting when I try to watch his stroke. Hendry is the only player I can and want to watch. All the other players' strokes look like human strokes, with a lot of sideways, upwards and downwards movements of the cue. It looks very ugly compared to Hendry's stroke. Obviously, the better your stroke is, the more you can do at the table. There are many shots the other top snooker players can't do while Hendry can. For a more difficult game like Rotation Straight Pool, the minimum stroke you will need is 90% of perfection (same as Hendry) in order to play it well. Because 9-ball is such a simple game, you don't need a stroke better than 20% to run racks, the only time stroke matters is with difficult shots, and they don't come up that often. Snooker is also a simple game, a 70% stroke can make 147's easily and win tournaments. The only reason Hendry has dominated the game is because he can make long pots due to his 90% stroke, that's about the only time he has a great advantage. He doesn't have an advantage if there is an easy clearance of the table for both players. Hendry should always win if they would play another more difficult game than snooker.

If you want a good stroke, then Stephen Hendry is the only player that I recommend to watch!