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11-20-2002, 02:32 AM
The Viking Tours $25,000 National Championship will be coverd on http://www.fantasy9ball.com and http://www.azbilliards.com make sure to
check out these sites.

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The Viking Tours $1,000 Added mini-event was held this evening at Northfield Billiards in Northfield, Ohio at the same location as the $25,000 Natioanl Championship is being held at this week. The evnts are played on 12 9' Diamond Tables with new Simonis 860 cloth and Aramith Super Pro Balls.

Last Minute sign-ups for the $25,000 National Championship will be taken until 2pm, Wednesday, November 20th.
First rounds in the event will start at 6pm

Results: 64 Players / $1,000 Added / Race to 7 / Single Elimination

1st Place Dee Adkins
2nd Ralph Carnes
3/4 tie Johnny Archer / Santos Sambajon
5-8 tie Josh Ulrich / Jarod Clowery / Mike Davis / Ron Wiseman

Some of the notable players that didn't finish in the cash were..........
BJ Ussery, Ronnie Alcano, Scotty Townsend, Troy Frank, Mike Coltrain, Steve Mcaninch, Shawn Putnam, Howard Vickery and Cory Deuel.

Also, tomorrow (Wednesday evening) we will have a celebration for Cory Deuels. It's his 25th B-Day.

Mike Janis
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