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11-22-2002, 03:51 PM
As most of the CCB regulars know, I have two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier and a small Pug. Lately, they have demonstrated an 'attitude' when I am preparing for a night out playing pool.

It begins with them both pouting as I shower and shave. As I get dressed, they attempt the 'guilt trip' by bringing me their favorite toys. The 'coup de grāce' is when they lay on top of the sofa cushions, staring out through the window and seemingly crying as they watch me drive away.

None of this was really clear to me until my recent bout with the flu. How can I explain this without all of you thinking I have lost my mind? You know those dog whistles that you blow that only your dog can hear? It seems that is what large dosages of NyQuil does for me...

...That's right, I can hear what my dogs are saying. The funny thing is, until this recent conversation with them, they didn't know I could understand every word they said.

It began last night as I prepared to meet up with OPC and eg8r at Billy Weir's...

I was almost completely dressed and suddenly, I heard McKenzie (the Pug) say to Madison (the JRT):

"I hid his shoes. They're under the bed. If he can't find them, maybe he'll stay home."

Madison laughed a sinister little 'dog laugh'.

I pulled on my socks and instinctively reached under the bed to retrieve my shoes. Both dogs looked perplexed and Madison mused that I must have seen McKenzie hide them.

As always, prior to leaving for any prolonged period of time, I take them out for a quick walk so they can 'do their business'. Last night, was to be slightly different.

As we began our walk, it was clear to me they were acting differently. They ran to their favorite trees but instead of 'watering the landscape', they simply chose to sniff. I heard Madison say, "He won't take us back inside if we don't go!" McKenzie, obviously in severe need of relieving herself could only promise to "try".

That little ploy didn't last long. McKenzie's bladder was about to erupt when she finally gave in. Madison was soon to follow.

We walked back to the apartment with both of them 'dogging it' as we walked. It was like a death-row inmate's walk to the 'Death Chamber'...slow and reserved, seemingly afraid of what lay ahead.

We walked into the apartment and they each received their obligatory 'Milk Bone'. This time, instead of eating them, they chose to just stare at them. "Pretend you're sick" Madison said to McKenzie. They both rolled over onto their backs and let out little moans of insinuated pain.

As this took place, I walked back to my bedroom to retrieve my cues. McKenzie, quick to recognize that their plan wasn't working, shouts to Madison, "Eat that little cube of blue stuff that he steals from the pool hall. He needs that stuff. He won't leave without it!" Madison, reflecting on the last cube of Masters she chose to dine on and how painful it was to pass that whole cube of chalk, politely declined McKenzie's request.

I left, played pool for a few hours and upon my return home, while still feeling under the weather, took four more doses of NyQuil and had this talk with each of them:

"I know you don't think I understand you but I do. I know of the little plans you have concocted to keep me home. You must understand that pool is my only hobby. It is my only release from the stresses of everyday life. Yes, I love pool but I also love you. I would never put anything before your health and well being. Please, understand that although I am going to the poolhall to be with many of my friends, it is you I come home to. If you really want me to quit playing and at the same time, deny me of the happiness the game brings to me, simply ask and I will quit."

They both stared at me and acted as though they didn't understand me. They just wagged their tails and looked at each other, each quietly whispering to the other, "He tried that speech on his ex-wife and it didn't work. Why should we believe him?"

The next thing I know, one is hiding my shoes and the other is chewing the tips off my Schon!

I will certainly be glad when I start to feel better. I'm almost out of NyQuil and I need to have a talk with the neighbor's cat. I better get to the drug store...

Happy Weekend everyone,


Cueless Joey
11-23-2002, 12:16 PM
Ken, forcefeed yourself water and juice. That's what I did. I had laringitis then flue. I was sick of it. So one night, I drank water by the quarts, and one glass of cranberry juice after aother. I pizzed off the virus all night.
I was much better the day after.
Didn't even take Nyquil and didn't have to talk to my nephew's dog.

11-27-2002, 04:38 AM
I can totally relate to your dogs reactions,being a pug owner myself-as I said before,he is sooooooooo spoiled its pathetic-but before I had him, a biker friend of mine called me asking if I wanted a pitbull-well, it seems this pitbull(staffordshire) weighed 110lbs., was tied to a jukebox(I dont know if you've heard of CBGB'S) from 12 weeks old and my friend saved him-but he thought the dog was interbred(mother and son) and at 6 months is when he called me-I go to Manhatten-I take the dog,have a 2-yr old and am 6 months pregnant-well,he didnt listen but I noticed when he slept and my daughter ran around,he woke up-vibration-as per a vet, it wounded up his eardrums were blown out-so,nows he's deaf!Talk about a task of love-I trained him by hand signals and gave him all the love you could possibly imagine-he was the best-now,after having my second daughter,Im walking through the mall and stop in a petshop and see an American Brindle Pit for sale-purple ribbon papers-this was the time pits had a bad name-he wanted alot of money for him-he was 6 months old in a cage the size for a canary-I tell the guy,I'll come back and give you 100 bucks for that dog if he's still here-well,I did and now I have two pits!The vet tells me this will be a difficult task to raise them, but it was NO PROBLEM-its all about love!Ninja was the deaf one and Zeus was my brindle-MINE-when I would leave the house and come home,Ninja would be sleeping,cause he's deaf, so Zeus would jump on him to wake him up to let him know Im home-you wanna talk about the funniest site and this happened each time!Too funny-Dogs are like children,very aware of emotions-if voices were raised in the household,Zeus would just sit and start whining as if to say"Stop"-not only that, he didnt like my husbands shoes so he would rip the lining out of every pair of his shoes,ONLY!ha ha ha ha-but the very critical thing about having a deaf Pit is,when I walked him,I told people please stay away cause if my dog senses anything wrong, he will attack and I cannot call him off,UNLESS he saw my hand signal!People stayed away!ha ha ha-One bad incident,which was my mistake,occurred when i dropped a treat in the middle of the floor,rather than giving it to them separately,well,I dont know if you've ever seen what two pits are like when they go at it,but its frightening-so I immediately put my hand in between them to grab the treat,and Ninja grabs my hand,and I mean ever so lightly-but their pressure is so intense,it crushed through my hand making two punctures where the fatty tissue portion of my hand starting hanging-I know,gross-but he released immediately-they both lived till they were 13 years old-I'd swear by Pits and if I had a farm, I'd raise them-its all in how you raise a dog!Now my pug,totally useless except to be loved!:)They are also like people,Ninja died first,Zeus mourned on the couch for 2 months-thats when I bought the pug!:)
Carol~misses her dogs:(-but loves her "little man"

11-27-2002, 02:25 PM

So sorry about your bout with the flu. I had that a couple of weeks ago. And boy can I relate about knowing what your dogs are saying. I know what mine are saying too especially with their body language and facial expressions. And it is such a kick to watch the rituals they act out with each other.


11-27-2002, 02:29 PM
This morning my wife and I had to take that "final ride" with our 11 yr old Boxer Clancy. We had to do the same with his mother Murphy last summer. This is the first time in over twenty years that there are no pets in my house.

I couldn't hear Clancy talk, but had no trouble figuring him out. When he wanted to go out he rang the bells we hung on the doorknob, he dropped the tennis ball at your feet when it was time to play and whined like you wouldn't belive if you were late with dinner. When he wanted to sleep in the bed with you, he would slowly and quietly sneak up onto the bed. He thought you didn't notice, but a 100lb boxer doesn't go unnoticed on the bed.

I think I'll be asking Santa for a puppy this Christmas.


11-27-2002, 02:39 PM
Sorry to hear that Mike. I've got an 11 year old pup myself and although she's really healthy they do get old fast. 100 pound boxer? Wow, now that is 1 cool dog. Good luck buddy.

PS. Does anybody else worry about Ken? I think his brain is fried.

11-27-2002, 02:49 PM

Sorry to hear about Clancy. We all know dogs go to heaven to shop ahead of their master's for a house with a big back yard so find peace in that.

My dogs got me through my divorce, periods of momentary job loss and one is able to understand the paranormal. She knows Patrick isn't God, that C.C. is going to beat cancer and that Kato will give me the breaks and the six out for $20 a rack in 9-ball when we finally meet.

I was shocked at Kato's generosity when my dog informed me of this.



11-27-2002, 03:09 PM
Hey Mike,
Im sorry to hear of that "final ride"-I,too, had that ride with Zeus and held him in my arms and mourned for over 6 months-incredible-they are like your children-as for Ninja, he had a heartattack right in front me-talk about mouth to snout CPR-all the way ,as my brother drove me to the vet-but it was his time,I guess!They're definitely in heaven-I believe that! Sorry for your loss!
Carol~Knows Santa will bring a new pup to Mike!:)

11-27-2002, 03:14 PM

I am very sorry about your dog, your babie. Somewhere on a disk somewhere I have this poem about being a leader of dogs and having to make that final decision. It is very good. If you want it, pm me and I will try to find it for you. I also have a couple of poems people sent me when I had to take that final trip with my wolf, sam.

I could not imagine life without him. I loved him more than life, more than myself or anyone else. Maybe that sounds crazy but so much dogs teach us. Before sam, I did not know that love like that existed.

I finally accepted that there will never be another sam, but my heart made room for other dogs, whom I love very much.

In the same way, your new puppy will not be another Clancy but the years of joy that Clancy brought you, I feel that the new pup will be so lucky to have parents who can give some of those gifts from Clancy to the pup.

Take care


11-27-2002, 03:33 PM
Thanks all for the kind words. Clancy's been going downhill since this past March, so I actually feel better now that he's more comfortable.

As a side note, the vet this morning was very sympathetic as her husband was going through the same thing with his 11 yr old bulldog. She told us that she really thought it was his time, but her husband couldn't make the decision. At lunchtime, when I went to the pool hall, which is right above the vet's office, who should pull in but the vet and her husband with the bulldog that had just died at home. A very depressing day!


11-29-2002, 04:09 AM
Carol~sleeps to the sound of a snoring pug!:):)

Chris Cass
11-29-2002, 11:04 AM
Hi Mike,

I feel your pain my friend. Pets are one of the family. They offer nothing but love and expect very little in return. I hope you get something for xmas. The sounds missing from the home can be heard so loud. My deepest regret.



11-30-2002, 05:51 AM
Hey Ken,
Yes,animals are pacifiers for many things in life(and I am happy yours got you through the times) and I just wanted to briefly say to you about them noticing the paranormal-(like children)-my pug NEVER barks-he "earps" to go out-after my pool table was totally ready-1911-my pug started "barking" at the fan in my kitchen and not entering the kitchen(for a few days)-so Im thinking a spirit came with the table or something-so being the maniac I am,(unless I heard the words"GET OUT!") ha ha ha ha ha ha-I get a camera-and it happens,pug barks and I start clicking away ,scared sh$t!,mind you-WELL-pictures get developed-I got it-my sister who is a psychic believer brings the pictures to this lady-it turned out "Guardian Angel" holding her arms out to me!True story and have the pictures to prove it! They do see things!
Carol~knows Ken is a good man!:)-its all in the "HEART!"