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03-08-2002, 08:10 PM
I have been thinking about writing a long pool story that will be broken up into parts.
I would type it and post it on the ccb once a week. That way people have something to come back for.
Will anyone on here be interested.???
I think it would be neat, if it was a cool pool story, and it was always To be continued.
Or maybe if people would take it seriously, we could past the story from one person to the other?
that would be neat also!

03-08-2002, 09:06 PM
Little Johny was told never to open that door but now that he was thirteen and a man he thought it would be OK...the door creaked open and there on the floor was a retangular black case and when he opened the case inside was a two-piece pool cue. It was beatiful and when he screwed it together it had the feeling of a finely made Swiss watch; it had a magic feel like...........


03-08-2002, 09:47 PM
...like the "feelings" he would get when he would peek through the bathroom keyhole at his step-sister. It was exciting yet scary at the same time.

Little Johnny screwed the two pieces of the cue together and suddenly, with that cue in his hands, he felt like a man. The man he had always wanted to be despite the dresses his Mom would make him wear when all of his clothes were dirty.

Johnny ran to his Mom and shouted "Mommy! Look! Look what I found! Can I have it?" His Mother replied, "Sure. It belonged to that no good SOB that moved in after your Daddy left. Take it and leave me alone!"

Little Johnny's Dad had moved out a few months earlier. He said he had grown "tired of the old lady's boozin' and unladylike habits." Johnny missed his dad and was saddened to learn that the cue didn't belong to his "Pops." Johnny loved his Dad...or at least he thought that guy was his Dad. He wasn't really certain.

Johnny had no money to play at the local tavern, besides not being old enough to get in, it was also where his Mom worked so he didn't mind too much. Instead, Johnny cleared off the kitchen table after his Mom left for her cocktailing job, and hung pairs of socks and old pantyhose where pockets on a pool table would normally be and used eggs as the pool balls.

Years of playing without his Mother finding out was paying off. Johnny had learned to use that cue as well as any player out there. Using the eggs had taught him how to play past adversity yet, he still had no money for playing at a real room. Oh how Johnny wanted to feel the texture of green cloth beneath his bridge hand.

At sixteen, Johnny robbed a local liquor store for
pool-playing cash but he was caught and at the time of his sentencing, he had yet to step one foot inside a real pool hall.

Johnny served three years and while incarcerated, his Mom moved to Canada with a lesbian neighbor. She left the house and all of it's contents for her "little bastard son" (as she often fondly referred to him.)

Johnny was released one cloudy, cold afternoon and with $50 bucks in his pocket for bus fare, he headed to his childhood home.

The first thing Johnny did was look for the "Mistress" whose memories had kept him company on those cold nights when his cell mate didn't. He found "her" right where he left her...beneath an old pile of lesbian porno magazines (things were starting to make sense now), beer cans and pizza boxes. Johnny knew deep down that the woman who he was told to call "Auntie Candy" wasn't really his Aunt at all.

As quickly as he could, he sold the house, the furniture... everything, for money to pursue his dream...

...the dream of becoming a Professional Pool Player.

Johnny bought an old AMC Pacer and headed straight to Akron, Ohio. He heard that Akron was the home of the best players in the country. It was also going to be the place where he played in his first tournament on real pool tables...at the "Akron Open 9-ball Championship.

(to be continued)

Chris Cass
03-08-2002, 10:05 PM
On the way to the tournament, Johnny stopped of and bought a cue. His first stop was the local bar where he beat some guy out of a game of $20. 8 ball. The guy told Johnny to go scratch for the cash and he didn't like his dress either.

This got Johnny mad. Not the fact the guy wouldn't pay up but he talked smack about Johnny's new blue dress. Jonny turned around and hit the guy with his new custom pool cue. As Johnny watched the splintering wood slowly fall to the ground. You could here the rail birds discussing how bad Johnny's Meucci held up. As the guy was lying on the floor and slowly moving. Johnny just pointed his nose up in the air, turned and walked out. He was due for a bowl of ice cream after such a long depressing day.
(To Be Continued)

03-08-2002, 11:36 PM
With only 6 days left until the Akron Open Johnny had to get moving, he had over 1100 miles to travel and he had just spent his last bit of money on a new Meucci to replace the one broken across some strangers face. Johnny wondered where all the cash had gone, when he left the prison they gave him $453.97 for three years of making liscence plates. "Wow" he thought, a new dress, two new cues and a quick fling with a working girl sure added up. It was clear to Johnny that he may need a stakehorse to help him fund this crazy dream of his. As he fell asleep underneath the overpass on I-77 he dreamed about what the future had in store for him. "I wonder......", he said.
(to be continued)


03-09-2002, 12:01 AM
Johnny then remembered about the place his prison roommate mentioned off of exit 23a off of I-77. The Stiff Cue.. "Where we drive 'em hard into the hole" He recalled Bubba sayin something about some hardcore easy action scores.
Johnny hitched a ride from a trucker who said he would drop him off at exit 23a. But No Way was he "gettin' off" at that exit. So Johnny, still in his hot little blue dress, walked up to the entrance of the stiff cue. He noticed an interesting flashing neon sign that kept flashing, "Welcome to the Stiff Cue, Where we always enter in the rear." As he walked in, Queen was playing on the juke box and he noticed the the pool table where this guy in tight leather pants was bangin em around. Johnny walked up to the guy and said, "Mind if I play?" The guy gave Johnny the once over and asked him sure what do you want play? Johnny said how about a game of straight pool? The guy smerked and said nah, you ain't gonna find any straight action in this place.. how about some 7-ball? Johnny agreed...... to be continued.

03-09-2002, 05:29 AM
Johnny and the man who identified himself only as Dirk decided to play for $20 a rack 7-ball. As Dirk racked the balls, Johnny lit up a Marlboro© and started to think. He couldn't put his finger on it but something seemed different about this bar. Johnny was also worried because he only had 6 bucks in his pocket. God only knew what Dirk would make him do to pay the debt should he lose. But alas, it was nothing to worry about, after only an hour Johnny was already up 6 racks. As the Village People started to blair in the background Johnny broke the next game. He made three balls on the break and had an easy 2-7 combo for the win. Dirk yelled, "Enron, you lucky Enron" Dirk decided to call it quits and handed Johnny his $140. As much as Johnny enjoyed the experience it really didn't satisfy him, it was as though it all ended prematurely.

As Johnny walked to the door he finally clued into what was going on in this place. As he got to the exit one of the larger men yelled at him, "hey sweet cheeks". Johnny knew he had to leave this place and as he did a feeling of relief came over him. He had managed to get out of there without his new Blue Dress getting "Clintoned". Once out of the building he made a mental note, no more getting steared by guys named Bubba. Now he had to be on his way to Akron, what other adventures will he have.........to be continued


03-09-2002, 09:17 AM
With only 4 days until Johnny need to be in Akron, he need to act fast. He bumbed a ride as far towards Akron as he could get, but the man driving a truck filled with chickens droped him off within 150 miles of where he needed to be. Johnny Recalled the truck drivers last words:
"I will drop you off he-a son, there is a nice little pool room about a mile down that road there. You can make a pretty penny there, AIYA. But I need to get home and paak my caah in tha yaad."

Johnny knew right off that the poor man lived in MAINE and had driven a long way just for Johnny. Johnny told the man.
"If your are in the Akron area about 5 or 6 days from down, drop into the big pool tournament and say hi."
"Sure sure bub." replied the Mainer.

Johnny took a short walk to the pool hall that his new friend told him about. When he entered, the first thing he heard was some guy Yelling out "C'MON SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!" there was a young man on the first table into the room, he appeared to have lost all of his cash and was down a little. Johnny walked over to the man and asked what the problem was.

"Hey kid, you don't by any chance have $100.00 I can borrow do you? These guys are going to hurt me bad. I will give you my Brand new Josey Custom cue. It is the best hitting cue on the market!.
"Sure thing buddy" said Johnny when he not knowingly handed over the guy all of his money except for $46.00.

There was nothing left to do but try out his new cue. As he announced: "I have $40.00 to lose. Who wants me" After thinking about is last visit to a pool hall (the Stiff Cue.. "Where we drive 'em hard into the hole) he re-worded his phrase.
Who wants to play a game of POOL for $40.00?
(to be continued)

03-09-2002, 09:40 AM
How about each poster just doing one paragraph, kinda like Drew Careys "whats my line" simple and funny. BF

03-09-2002, 09:42 AM
I think Drew Carey's show is caled "Who's Line is it Anyway"
one of my Fav. shows. unless he has another one, I will look into it if he does.

03-09-2002, 10:06 AM
As Johnny scoured the room for a game, knowing he had only $40 bucks in his pocket, he thought back to his "Mistress" and the memories he had of "her". Most of his "cellies" at the Juvenile Correctional facility thought "she" was a beautiful woman because of the way Johnny would talk about her..."She's long and smooth, 4'10" of slender beauty in black leather" he would often reflect.

As Johnny stood at the ratty bar-box awaiting an opponent he wondered..."Should I have told those guys that my girl was really a cue stick?" He remembered how elated he was when he found her beneath the stacks of pizza boxes and porn mags at his old home when he was released from prison.

He mused about his bad luck and wondered if he could have contributed to it by abandoning his time worn friend for the glitter and glitz of the new Meucci.

"C"mon...someone in this dive must be man enough to play me for a little cheese! I'll go up against anyone in this bar and put up my only $40 bucks AND my Meucci cue!" A little weasley fellow sitting in the shadows of the back of the bar lit a cigarette and said..."I'll play ya boy. I'll play ya some games for your scratch and your cue."

The spindly figure of a man emerged from the darkness of the dank corner of the bar. He was the sharpest dressed fellow in the room...pale yellow Sansabelt slacks, gray patent leather shoes and a gleaming silver silk shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his frail chest, revealing a large gold chain with a pendant in the form of a nineball rack.

"The games nineball son...I don't play that queer-[censored] sevenball. That's fer them sissys on ESPN. I'm no sissy and I don't play no sissy games" the stranger muttered with his cigarette dangling from his mouth.

As the stranger drew closer Johnny noticed some writing on the old man's pendant..."1968 Akron 9-ball Champion". Johnny knew he had met his match.

They haggled over the weight the old man would give Johnny. They finally agreed on the breaks and the 7-ball. Johnny was allowed to rack his own rack and secretly dabbed a little rasberry jam on the 9-ball, making it roll unevenly as the ball moved down the table. If Johnny didn't manage to get to the seven first, the old man couldn't manage to pocket the lopsided 9-ball.

They played for hours with the old man never catching on to Johnny's little secret. Johnny eventually went up $480. before the old man gave up. "I quit son! You're too good for a has-been old man like me." "You should think about gettin' down the road to Akron where they are havin a big tourney. You could win lots of cash son" he went on to say. "I did want to win that cue though...Lost mine when the rolls went bad for me."

Johnny shook his hand and said "Take my cue old man. I have another one", thinking of the old two-piece that had served him so well when he was learning the game in his childhood kitchen. "I'm going to Akron."

"Take this for good luck boy" as the past champion handed Johnny his pendant. "I can't take this...it has to hold some wonderful memories for you" Johnny said.

"Son, the cue you just gave me and you in that blue dress will replace any memories I have of that old pendant." "Now go before I change my mind."

The two men embraced and Johnny left as the old man tried to kiss him with his tongue. Johnny stopped on his way out of town and bought himself some jeans and a few t-shirts. He wasn't going to be teased about his dresses any longer.

"I'm a man, dammit, and all of Akron will know my name soon!"

(to be continued)

03-09-2002, 10:41 AM
....the new jeans were a bit tight and the afterglow of the little weasles hands on the cheeks of his ass lingered as he turned the corner and there she was standing at the rear of a yellow VW bug that had a white stripe painted around it, it was a nineball and it had a flat tire.
She stood staring into the truck her hands on her curvaious hips screaming "where the hell is the goddamn spare tire"....

03-09-2002, 11:00 AM
"Around my waist", joked Johnny. She smiled at him with that look on her face that every man loves. Johnny knew he was in if he could just come up with one great pickup line. "Can I......."


03-09-2002, 11:04 AM
Can I have your number.... I lost mine... hahaha just kidding

"Can I ask you a question...." "Yes" she said.
"do you know the difference between Oral sex and a hotdog"?
"No" she replyed
"Well what are you doing for lunch tommarrow?"

03-09-2002, 11:38 AM
I'm not doing you ya Mr.Tiny Basket...was she the mythical 'pool chick' that all men(and some woman) pool players dream of? The chick that encourages you to play more, the chick that loves it when you gamble with the rent money, the chick that can change a tip in ten minutes, the chick that can make any opponent think she wants him right now, the chick that can go hours without saying a word and the chick that can boil water. Could he be the lucky one...

03-10-2002, 05:25 PM
..."The spare tire is located under the hood, Ma'am" and I'll be glad to change it for you if you'll give me a ride into Akron. You see...I'm playing in the Akron Open" Johnny proudly proclaimed.

"I'll give you a lift sweetie...I'm headin' that way myself. My boyfriend, Cletus, he's playin' in it also" replied the curvacious young woman. "My name is Bambi. My friends call me 9-ball Baby. You can call me anytime" she purred coyly as she stared at the lump in Johnny's pants.

Johnny couldn't help but notice the area of his skinny body that her attention was focused on. "I noticed ya lookin' at the package I have in my drawers Ma'am. Do you want some of it?" he innocently asked.

"You bet baby...just don't let Cletus find out...he'll KILL me!" Bambi said with obvious excitement.

"Why, you on a diet or something?" asked Johnny as he whipped out a foot-long...

...submarine sandwich that he had stolen from the buffet line at the bar he had just left. "Go ahead, tear yourself off a chunk. I'm really hungry too" replied Johnny.

Bambi looked disappointed but she needed her tire changed so she made the best of the situation and joined Johnny in sharing the sub.

With the tire repaired, the ride into Akron was to be an interesting one. Johnny had never been with a real woman, not that he could remember anyway. Bambi had never met a man like Johnny either...so gentle and in touch with his "feminine side." They shared a lot about each others lives and travels. She was a former stripper, cocktail waitress, an executive with Enron and worked for a period of time at the first Baskin-Robbins in Mississippi.

Johnny told her about his stint in prison, his cellmate "Big Kahuna" and the dresses he not only wore, but actually made himself from "Simplicity" patterns that he ordered from the prison commissary.

Bambi liked Johnny. Johnny liked Bambi. But like Romeo and Juliette...Cletus would prevent Bambi from ever really knowing Johnny...and the pursuit of the Akron Open 9-ball title would prevent Johnny from ever knowing Bambi.

(to be continued)