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11-28-2002, 05:59 PM
Okay, so what's the best thing so far about T-Day where you're at??

1. I didn't slice off the whole segment of my ring finger on my right hand using a "v-slicer" to slice veggies for munchies, just the tip. And it's still bleeding like crazy and throbbing like a mother. Pete goes, "Do you think you need stitches?" Yeah, like there's anything to stitch together. This too will pass and the patient will live. But oh, the bandages...

2. Dinner was GREAT!! I cooked the turkey. Not overdone and not underdone, just right. Okay, maybe a little dry (my taste). Next time I'll stuff butter under the skin. Of course, lots of gravy doesn't hurt, either. And my stuffing RULES!! (thanks Mom for the hints - xoxo!)

3. My father-in-law does needlework to keep his hands busy and made a beautiful needle work of three kitties playing on piano keys. (My two kitties do this when we're not home. I have seen the paw prints - BUSTED!!)

4. I didn't slice off my finger. Just the tip.

5. My In-laws are having a wonderful time and we're all watching the "Cowboys and the Indians" and Washington is winning. Okay, and what's with the Cowboys' uniforms??? How long have they been THAT ugly??

6. And all of the wedding china and crystal survived Pete's dishwashing!!! /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

Okay, now your turn!! Please share!!

Barbara~~~chilling with a nice fire going...

11-28-2002, 06:53 PM
Okay, but get ready.

We didn't have much plans. We knew that my Dad would be over for his weekly visit around 1 p.m. Last night we did all of our shopping except for the lunch meat. We got all kinds of finger food, along with paper plates so there was not much clean up for me.

This morning, I went out early and got the rest of our Thanksgiving feast , and started cleaning up the house, Chris even helped! Afterwards, got some banana bread in the oven.

Dad came over around 1:15 and we had a whole table full of food. Turkey slices, ham slices, potato salad, pickles, chips, dips, celery, 3 different kinds of bread, and a few other things.

I couldn't wait so I started to chow before he got there. Chris waited til he arrived before he started. Unfortunately, since it was a surprise, Dad had already eaten his lunch so wasn't very hungry.

He is a very rigid man; extremely set in his ways. I knew he would have already eaten, but thought he would at least have a little something.

The reason I surprised him was because he had no plans to celebrate this holiday this year. This was our first holiday without my mom around, and his first holiday in 36 years without her, so I imagine he is feeling a little more down than myself. When I had asked him last week what we were doing for Thanksgiving, he said, quite sternly, "Nothing". So I figured if I surprise him, he can't say no.

Anyway, the rest of us, myself, Chris, and Christ, all stuffed ourselves while we chatted with Dad for about an hour or so. Dad left for home and was going to make a lasagna for dinner.

Got a few very nice phone calls from Florida and Missouri. Did some laundry, played a few games on the computer and napped. Meanwhile, Chris had gone to the ph, and only the shadow knows when he'll return.

So I find myself sitting here, replying to a dear friend's post, eating Ruffles and French Onion Dip, waiting for my hubby to get home to watch some dvd's.

Not terribly interesting, but this was a good Thanksgiving for us this year.


11-28-2002, 07:52 PM
I spent the day with a good friend, Shawn DuMond, (who also happens to be the Director of Discipleship of my church) and his family in Huntsville, Texas, dining on deep-fried turkey, BBQ rotisserie turkey, baked ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, home-made breads, cakes and pies. There was other stuff but I never made it to the "buffet line" a second time.

The day was spent reflecting on the "THANKS" we feel is a true part of this holiday; Thanks for the family and friends we have, our health, successes, child births, marriages, etc.

It was a special day for me because Shawn, who helped me survive my divorce and keeps my faith strong, has accepted a position with the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN. and is leaving Saturday morning.

He will be missed.

Happy Turkey day to my fellow CCB'ers and looking forward to the gathering of Texas CCB'ers on Saturday at Click's on Skillman.



11-28-2002, 07:52 PM
Quote Heide:

The reason I surprised him was because he had no plans to celebrate this holiday this year. This was our first holiday without my mom around, and his first holiday in 36 years without her, so I imagine he is feeling a little more down than myself. When I had asked him last week what we were doing for Thanksgiving, he said, quite sternly, "Nothing". So I figured if I surprise him, he can't say no.

end quote.

But you have to try anyway, and you did!! You always have to try!

Happy T-day to you and Chris and Christ!!

Barbara~~~watching "Support Your Local Sheriff"...

11-28-2002, 07:56 PM

If I could impose on you... I'd be ever thankful... Could you say a prayer that my finger stops this bleeding thing BEFORE I run out of bandages???

Thanks and Happy T-day. I know that I'm thankful for lots of things, too!!

Barbara~~~'tis only a surface wound...

11-29-2002, 03:52 AM
Called you from the turnpike,arrived at my destination by 11:30,bought cigarettes for 2.30/pack rather than 7.50/pack in NY-teamed up with Josh Brothers(watchout Valley Forge-he's on fire) as a partner on a 760 Simonis tripleshimmed Gold crown and kicked some butt-laughed my a$$ off with Tiffany,Karen and Kim and other guests,stuffed my face,froze my a$$-off and made it back home before midnight-no traffic-ahhhhhhhhh-one important thing,was thankful for the friends and family-here and everywhere!Thank you God!
Carol~knows Barbs OVEN made the best turkey and in 4 more days,Cm'on BABY-70-80 degree weather! Hope Miami is ready for us!ha ha ha ha!

11-29-2002, 08:14 AM
Hey Barbara, has it stopped bleeding yet?!?


11-29-2002, 08:35 AM
I know it's a little late but here's my day in a nutshell.

1) I woke up around 9:30 and my girlfriend kicked me out (in a really nice way).

2) Went home, took a shower and went back to bed until 3.

3) Started making phone calls
a. Voodoo
b. Chris Cass and KarateMom
(amazing 1 phone call gets you both of them)
c. Rackemup (left message)
d. Eric (never got to talk to Carolyn /ccboard/images/graemlins/frown.gif)
e. WesK left message
f. MikeM (phone tag)
g. Wendy
h. Lorri
i. sent Carol an e-mail cause I don't have her digits

Called some other folks outside of the pool world. Who are these people?

I'm not sure if I called anyone else but I was on the phone for an hour.

4) 4 o'clock went to Ma and Pa's for dinner

5) Stuffed face

6) Watched football

7) Went out with cousin, played 4 sets, race to 9, ball on a triple shim table and got annihilated

Very good day indeed.

Kato~~~well, everything was good until #7. That really sucked!!!!!!!!

11-29-2002, 09:57 AM
Yeah Mike, late last night it stopped. We just changed the bandage on it this morning. Man it looks nasty!!

Of course, this now gives Pete a window of opportunity to make wisecracks about me, my clutziness, and sharp objects. Like this morning, for example, as I was making breakfast for all of us.

"I'd better cut those bagels, dear. You shouldn't be near any sharp knives just yet. BTW, does it still hurt much?"

"Only when I hit you."

Can you feel the love??

Sorry about Washington last night.

Barbara~~~learning a whole new typing method... /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

11-30-2002, 10:10 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Barbara:</font><hr> 4. I didn't slice off my finger. Just the tip.<hr /></blockquote>Hi Barbara,

Rest assured - the bleeding eventually stops, the pain eventually subsides, the skin eventually grows back, the ugliness eventually disappears.

SPetty~~~former v-slicer tip cutter survivor... /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

11-30-2002, 12:07 PM
...the pain eventually subsides...

Yeah, but it keeps coming back after I smack Pete when he makes a wisecrack about it. I keep telling him that it would stop hurting if I would stop smacking him, but he keeps egging me on!! /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Barbara~~~Voodoo should see the colors I'm bring out on Pete's skin... /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif