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11-30-2002, 10:31 PM
...That was the standard fare today at Click's in Dallas as several Texas CCB'ers met up for a Saturday of lies, libations and 9-ball.

Sid_Vicious, SPetty, eg8r, OnePocketChamp and rackmup had a great time playing and sharing stories. SPetty's game was more than I could handle so after sneaking away with two quick wins I had to call it a night (I have dogs that have to be walked.)

OnePocketChamp hooked up for some 14:1 and some one-hole with Richard (not a CCB'er...yet) and came out on the short end of straight pool but held his own playing his namesake one pocket game.

Sid_Vicious, SPetty and I engaged in some heated nineball challenge matches and we all had a great time with both of them out-shooting me.

eg8r knew his time at the table with me was coming so he employed the "Looks like the little wifey wants to go home so were gonna leave now" strategy so we never got to play. He was parading around showing off that new purple Instroke case.

I wish these gatherings could be with 20 or more people but it just seems difficult, especially over a holiday weekend, to get everyone together.

Spiderman was there in spirit as he called Sid from the road as he was driving through Little Rock, Arkansas.

I had a great time people. Thanks for the fun!


Ken (had to call Billy Weir's and confess that I was in another poolhall. I wouldn't want them to hear it from a stranger off the street. I feel sooo guilty.)

11-30-2002, 10:53 PM
Just for the record,
We had company this weekend. Our siblings flew in to DFW to visit with us and we had a great time. After logging in about 200 miles on Friday (driving all over DFW and shopping) my bro and I stayed up late playing pool. By the time we got them to the airport on Saturday and drove to the pool hall we were worn out. After the hour or so drive home, I fell asleep once I hit the couch.

To Rackmup: I was simply making my wife happy. lol I like shooting at Clicks, I actually made a couple balls since the pockets are not as tight as Billy Weirs. Nothing to brag about, so I won't....lol

To Sid: Thanks for the misses and leaving me tough (I know those were on purpose) so that I could miss even worse.

To SPetty: I did not get the chance to play, but Heather hopes you do not hate the way she racks...she is still toying with the idea of actually wanting to even play the game.

To Spiderman: Maybe next time.

To Richard (who hopefully will join our banter on the board): I am sooooo sick and tired of racking. Why don't you just let someone win once in awhile...just joking. It is always my pleasure racking for you.

To OPC: What was the Straight Pool score? Man, can Richard play or what?

eg8r <~~~Had a great time in the short amount of time we were there.

12-01-2002, 08:12 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote rackmup:</font><hr> Sid_Vicious, SPetty and I engaged in some heated nineball challenge matches and we all had a great time with both of them out-shooting me.<hr /></blockquote>hahahaha - don't you believe it. Sid and I took turns getting creamed by this guy. He was just playing around and handily beating both of us over and over.... Although I don't think I've ever seen anyone scratch or fly the cue ball off the table on the break as much as rackmup...

My favorite recollection was the way rackmup said, with amazement in his voice, "Nice shot" several times when I actually pocketed a ball. He said it with such great amazement in his voice because I do that so rarely! Although when I pocketed the ball, I often left myself real bad or hid myself behind another ball for my next shot...

Really - great fun. Thanks for inviting me. It was nice meeting OnePocketChamp and eg8r &amp; spouse. Next time we'll have to do it over at your place on the west side. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

12-01-2002, 09:18 PM
Next time we'll have to do it over at your place on the west side. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif<hr /></blockquote>Well, now it is in print and it looks like you are happy about it so we will wait.

I am sure I will owe you guys some more time on your side of the metroplex but my wife and dog are real happy I came home when I did. LOL

eg8r &lt;~~~Very happy to join so many people from the board out playing some pool

12-02-2002, 11:06 AM
I'm glad all of you had a great time. But, don't think I havn't noticed you always have these when I can't come. I do believe that you and Sid are afraid I'll make one of my famous shots again (when the ball I'm shooting at actualy goes in the pocket). Everyone knows the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the best car selling day of the year so I couldn't take off. I almost sold a car too, except for the part when the husband and wife got into a fight over the color and he called her a spoiled bitch. I kind of knew that my sale was in trouble then. Maybe next time.