View Full Version : Lighter Jumpers

12-03-2002, 02:45 PM
Ok let me first say that I know that lighter is better for close jumps. That being said, I have noticed that there is a very definite diference in weight between the Stealth and the Lucasi cues which I won, the Lucasi being heavier and oddly the one I jump best with.

Here's the question: "What key ingredients are there when using the really light jumpers?" For example, do you hit harder or do you not try AS hard? Is the grip the same and in the same ergonomic region of the cue as the heavier cue? Etc, etc.

Maybe trying to get you to disect your jump stroke will be difficult, simply because most have settled om one jumper and probably jump with automatic pilot kicked in gear. But if there are jumpers here with comparative exposure to various jump cues, I'd appreciate your insight...sid