View Full Version : I will give you 10$ if you make it!

12-03-2002, 07:41 PM
I was at the local room when this shot came up with my friend. My other friend thought he was all smart and said
"I will give you 10$ if you make it"
I couldn't believe it, but my buddy did it first try.
%Aa9C9%BL7P8%CJ5O4%DL7N1%EM7P1%FK6P1%GK6N8%HL7L3%I K2P3%JK6M5

12-03-2002, 07:53 PM
I can't imagine the best player in the world making that shot more than 50% of the time so it's a good bet

Icon of Sin
12-03-2002, 08:44 PM
Hey guys, I cant see what you are posting, it looks like a bunch of letters and numbers with the words Start and End... can anyone help???

12-03-2002, 09:27 PM
Go to this site for an explanation of the RSB pooltable

phil in sofla
12-03-2002, 11:25 PM
Did he hit it hard, or a medium stroke?

9 Ball Girl
12-03-2002, 11:28 PM
Wow. Not bad considering the 1 is frozen to the rail.

Chris Cass
12-03-2002, 11:32 PM
Hi Jordan,

First I can guarentee you he didn't hit that cb with ctr. He hit that with low right and jacked up to boot. I hope you paid him. He deserved it. LOL



12-04-2002, 05:00 AM
I'd bet 10 against all day long and come home with all the money.
Next time you buy lottery tickets have your buddy buy them for you.

12-04-2002, 08:16 AM
I made this shot in a tourny once.
I saw it, called it, shot it , then wondered how I did it.

Its similar to your shot only I had balls in the way rather than the side rail.


12-04-2002, 11:00 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Ken:</font><hr>I can't imagine the best player in the world making that shot more than 50% of the time so it's a good bet.<hr /></blockquote>I think 50% is too high. I would put up money with anyone in the world and allow them two tries per go, and I think I would take the money in the long run.

I stopped off in a local watering hole last night and was playing some friendly 8-ball, bank-the-eight with a guy I know. A couple stopped in that apparently knew my friend a little and put up a challenge on the table. As my friend was looking for a shot, the girl woofed "just make this shot, if you can't make that, you don't deserve to be playing." http://endeavor.med.nyu.edu/~wei/pool/pooltable2.html

START(%Aa9C9%B\6J6%CH8O1%De9R9%E[0N1%FK6P1%GK6N8%Hp5G0%II2Y5%JK6M5%KJ5P7%LJ5N2%MJ2S 5%NJ5R0%OH1L7%P[1F5%Qs3[2%U\3H8%V[5G3%Y[8Z5%Z[0N9%_[8L8%`\0K8%a\0J8)END

I thought to myself whoa, and bet her $5. on the spot that she couldn't make it. She accepted and missed. Her boyfriend then with a lot of bluster offered to play anyone for $10 a game.

I told him I would give him a chance to win their money back; but I was not in the mood to hustle and so finished out the game without holding back, including this nice long cut and this bank on the eight.

START(%AG2U0%BL7P8%CJ5O4%DL7N1%EM7P1%FK6P1%GK6N8%H p7G5%IL7O4%JK6M5%KJ5P7%LJ5N2%MI5Y1%NJ5R0%OJ5M0%PX9 Q0%Un8G7%VZ1P5%Wr8G4%Xq8G7%YH2X2%ZG4U6%[E7D3%\r9G0%]q7Z6%^J7Y2)END

He never came back to the table. He had gotten very quiet, obviously rethinking his challenge after watching me a little. I got a nice kick out of that. I wasn't really in the mood to play this unknown blusterbus in a bar anyway, and I had had to ask them three times and walk down to their end of the bar to get paid on the first wager.