View Full Version : Corey Deuel's closed bridge

12-05-2002, 03:09 PM
I really like how Corey bridges, it looks a really secure bridge. I have tried to copy it, but am finding it hard, just really to experiment. Is he double jointed? and also, got any tips as to how I can kinda copy his bridge?

12-05-2002, 05:05 PM
Personnaly, I would rather concentrate on copying his "Stroke".

The closed bridge is not a normal position for your fingers. If you are new to the game or even if you've been playing with an "open bridge", the "closed" style is going to take some finger practice.

I use both, and I like the 'open' bridge most. It lets me see my aiming line better.

The 'colsed' bridge lets me focus on those real critical table length draws or extreme english shots. More of a reminder than a tool.

phil in sofla
12-07-2002, 12:42 AM
I saw Corey in Delray Beach a while back, waiting for his backers to match up with another group of guys, and Corey was bridging constantly! He made his bridge on the bannister of the stairway, on his leg, on the table.

Can't believe he needs the practice, but he sure was getting a lot if it.

My impression is that he has big hands, long fingers, and if you don't, I don't think there's any way to do what he does. He puts his index finger about half way up his middle finger, and presses down pretty hard while making a big space up top with the crook of the index finger, and turns his hand so that those fingers are almost, or are, 90 degrees to the line of the cue. And he seems to usually bridge up off the table with his support fingers.

Old school bridging says to have the heel of your hand down on the table, for maximum stability, and Corey isn't doing that, from what I've noticed.

I pretty much bridge like him, as to fingers, but do keep the heel of my hand down for firmness.

Chris Cass
12-07-2002, 02:06 AM
Hi Phil,

I do this too quite often. What he's really doing is stretching his fingers. I do this on the way to a tourney or between a match to get them ready. Otherwise My bridge will take awhile till the fingers stretch. I also crack them, it helps. Corey seems to have the same bridge I do. I mosly shoot with an open bridge but before a match I'll need to have my looped bridge ready. A stable bridge is better by all means but it's hard to get the height so, as long as your completely still and balanced good, it's ok. IMO