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03-10-2002, 09:10 AM
In reference to The post about the tri state ........the next time you enter a tournament in New Jersey keep close look at the money.....I did that at a recent tournament.....What Riggs said about the calcuta was correct......I kept track of the players entry fees.....the amount collect in the calcuta's and they did run a 2 calcuta....and when you add up the prise money....the totals dont jive.......in that particular tournament there was a difference of $800.00 that went to JL and Company.. if you know who Im talking about.....when I brought this up to the Powers to be in the tri-state I got the biggest run around....so I decided not to play in them anymore......if more players kept a closer look on the $ and where it goes you would be very surprised.............and to top it all off......they hint around about "Dont forget to take care of the directors " to the ones that cash in.....now there are looking for a "TIP".....didnt their Momma's teach them, Its not polite to ask......So, Steve Next time just go to a tournament and keep an eye out for what I have said here... this happens mostly in the C-D divisions..where the players arent paying attention. YOU would be very surprised!!!!!!

03-10-2002, 03:57 PM

Yes, I know it's still you. You're typing from the same IP and employ the same "......" writing style as the original post. Trying to second the opinion as someone else ain't too original.

Anyway, I don't want to be argumentative. Are you sure the $800 wasn't part of the money going back to the room for greens fees? If there were 64 players, say, and the room charged each one of them $10 for the tables, the directors actually only got $160.

Also, while I can't dispute your claims of one and even two calcuttas, I CAN tell you that it's exceedingly rare. I have never seen a second calcutta at a Tri-State (not in the last four years, anyway), and have only seen one "first" calcutta in the last two years. Maybe some of the rooms out in Jersey hold them, though, so I can't say they never have them. But it's really, really rare.

Again, I don't mean to be argumentative, but in this land of free enterprise, why don't you start a tour of your own? WIthout any sarcasm at all, if you choose to do this, I wish you great success. It's a tough job.

- Steve