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12-06-2002, 02:59 PM
Pool on TV-all times EST

<font color="red">Amsterdam tourney Dec. 16</font color>
5:00 PM ESPN2 Sunday, 8

Pool Sudden Death 7-Ball 60 min. Sudden Death 7-Ball action in Baltimore.
9:00 PM ESPN2 Monday, 9

Pool Trick Shot 60 min. Trick-shot competition in Baltimore.
10:00 PM ESPN2 Monday, 9

Pool WPBA Classic Tour 60 min. WPBA Classic Tour final action in Albuquerque. (VCR Plus+ 7006151)
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6:30 PM WGN Tuesday, 10

Will &amp; Grace My Uncle the Car 30 min. Ellen DeGeneres plays a nun who's a bit nonsensical in an episode that sparkles with snappy dialogue. Will chides Grace for owning an old car "with no A/C and `old-man stink'," so she lets him sell it. But when she decides she wants the lemon back for sentimental reasons, it proves difficult to retrieve from the quirky buyer, Sister Louise (DeGeneres). Meanwhile, a cryptic postcard from his mother convinces Jack that he's half black. "It's like my whole life I've been waiting to exhale," he quips.<font color="blue"> And when a fellow trophy spouse (Leslie Jordan) tries to steal Rosario, pool shark Karen challenges him to a game---with her trusty maid as the stakes </font color>. Mr. Zamir: Marshall Manesh. (VCR Plus+ 666923)

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10:30 PM ESPN2 Thursday, 12

Pool Trick Shot 60 min. Trick-shot competition in Baltimore. (VCR Plus+ 7755102)
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10:30 PM <font color="red">check local listings</font color> Thursday, 12

Dharma &amp; Greg Do the Hustle 30 min. Dharma finds a way to bond with Kitty---and score some cash---after unleashing her mother-in-law's secret skills as a pool player. Greg, meanwhile, races around town to find a replacement rat after killing his wife's beloved house pest. Joe: P.J. Marino
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2:30 PM TVLAND Monday, 16

Brady Bunch The Hustler 30 min. When the Bradys acquire a pool table, Bobby drops all activities in order to become a pool champion. Bobby: Mike Lookinland. Mike: Robert Reed. Mathews: Jim Backus. Mrs. Mathews: Dorothy Shay. Carol: Florence Henderson.
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10:00 PM ESPN2 Monday, 16

<font color="red">Pool WPBA semifinal 60 min. A WPBA Classic Tour semifinal in New York. </font color>
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12-06-2002, 04:16 PM
Who needs Email reminders of pool events when we have Wally_in_Cincy /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

12-10-2002, 12:51 AM
here Tom.