View Full Version : Alcohol-free pool rooms

12-08-2002, 05:17 PM
I was reading an article in Billiards Digest ("Rooms Face Insurance Hike" Billiards Digest, Dec 2002, p 112, 113), which confirms my suspicions about alcohol-free rooms as a viable and indeed preferrable business decision.

Billiard rooms typically require four types of insurance: property insurance, general liability, umbrella, and liquor liability.

"As of October, the average premium per room in the BCA program was about $9,000. Dry poolrooms that didn't require liquor liability insurance paid significantly less...."

"The insurance industry has consistently considered billiard rooms a risky gamble...."

"There has always been a perceived notion of the smoke-filled poolroom, and the people getting into fights, and tough individuals hanging around," [Ken] Johnson [a broker for insurance brokerage Arthur J Gallagher & Co.] said."

"...[an insurance firm] also must be willing to write liquor liability policies in states with particularly tough liquor laws. Only the largest firms typically meet these criteria."

Opinions, anyone?