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12-09-2002, 11:14 AM
BCtv Showcases U. S. Open Matches

Billiard Club television (BCtv) show #9 is now playing in Billiard Club network affiliate locations nationwide featuring exciting match action from this years U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships. The feature match-ups in this episode include Earl Strickland vs. Cory Deuel and Rodney Morris vs. Danny Harriman. These matches aren't live, but they're not on pay-per-view either. Catch all the action for free at a BCn affiliate club.

The exciting Strickland and Deuel match went hill-hill. The "Pearl" was competing for his sixth U. S. Open title while putting up a strong rating of .881 to the .832 rating Deuel displayed defending his 2001 title. Cory battled back from 1-6 to go ahead 8-6 in the crowd-pleasing race to 11.

The second feature match pits Rodney Morris, against Danny Harriman. Although Morris plays a better match statistically with a rating of .843, Harriman's .820 proved to be good enough to win. Seasoned billiard commentator Jim Wych makes his Accu-Stats commentary debut accompanied by the loquacious Mike Sigel and Billy Incardona.

These matches showcase the updated production equipment of Accu-Stats and the creative tournament arena design of BCn. Plus, with new and improved on-screen video graphics to match the new set design, BCtv looks better than ever. Don't miss a single shot of the great Match Action, the Club Cam segments from network affiliates or the Cue Tips from Buddy Hall.

To find a BCn Affiliate locations near you, check the Billiards Digest index of retailers or visit www.billiardclubtv.com. (http://www.billiardclubtv.com.)

Stay tuned for the next issue to see Kim Davenport turn a 5-9 deficit into an 11-9 win against Evgeny Stalev and watch Sandor Tot teach Johnny Archer all about Hungarian pool.

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BCn is a national network of billiard establishments that join together to promote pool by broadcasting Billiard Club television as their in-house video entertainment for their customers. BCtv features match footage, instructional segments, and other entertainment including video footage from Affiliates Clubs in the network. BCtv is a production of BCn in association with Accu-Stats and Matchroom Sport.

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