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12-13-2002, 01:45 PM
Hi all. Firstly let me state that this was just an excorsize for me. I like to condense information into easily digestible mouth fulls. So try this <font color="red"> </font color> CAP on for size. <font color="red"> </font color> Cap meaning,


CONFIDENCE. Without it you can't trust your physical ability. Your going to struggle and it's usually a pretty ugly tailspin. So what is it? Generaly it's the sum of all your thoughts you have about yourself as a pool player. This is important because by it's very nature the game of pool will constantly try and sap you of every bit of confidence you posess. Every Match you play you will no doubt screw up in one way or another. Your going to lose way more tournaments than your ever going to win. So maintaining confidence in your game is a lot like trying to swim up stream, you have to work real hard just to stay where your at.

To do this you have to constantly monitor your thinking. When a thought comes to mind ask yourself "is this going to help me or hurt me in an effort to be more confident". This is where haveing a selective memory comes in. Fill your mind with nothing but positive recollections about things that you did really well, or great times that you've had. Constantly bolster yourself with affirmations. Anything negative must be swept away leaving only a glowing image of yourself. Delusional perhaps? lol but effective.

Confidence at the level of any single shot is nothing more than thinking about the cue ball going right to the target. If your thinking about the cb going right to the target, your confident. To simple? Well you'd probably understand if this method guarenteed success. It dosn't. It only greatly "inhanses" the probability of success. Or put another way, if your not thinking of the cb going right where you want it to, what are you thinking of? A scratch? Hooking yourself? Selling out? That kind of thinking DEFINATELY works. It's uncanny, it's like your subconsiouse dosn't even recognize the word "don't". All you have to say is "don't shoot light". What it here's is "shoot light" LOL.
Just keep it simple. Be decisive, shoot with conviction, and ONLY consern yourself with the ball and the target. Which brings us to......


Before each and every shot be calm, focused and decisive. Instilling an unwavering belief in the shot is one of the fundamentals without which your routine loses it's purpose. Attitude is what makes great shot makers. Pocketing a key ball or money ball is largely mental and you have control over your mind and attitude. So to be a good shot maker you have to make a commitment to good thinking. You have to decide that come what may, you love to make the big shots and your glad that every rack gives you the chance to go out and stroke one down. This is what gives you a big advantage over all the other players who dread stairing down a tuff game winner.


Believe this, truer words were never spoke. "Everything that happens to you happens for the best".

Understand that everyone is on thier own timetable. Just because you don't see results right away dosn't mean that the changes are not being made. learning is like a log that gets thrown on the dieing embers of a fire. Nothing happens for a long time. Then suddenly on a schedule known only to it, it will burst into flame. Your like this log. Just because you don't catch fire right away dosn't mean that it isn't going to happen. It will. It's all about trust.

Only when you can patiently detatch from the outcome, to remove your ego from the equation, can you truely be at your best on the table (or chair). As an infinately patient person you know that you are already where you want to be, that there are no accidents and that all that appears to be missing is nothing more than an illusion created by your ego.

Well that's about all i have to say about my rally cap. Hope you found something in this to help you out, or make you think, or yawn lol it's all good /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif St

#### leonard
12-13-2002, 01:59 PM
Nice to see you postings Stretch hope everything is well.####

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I went to a golf getogether, they were selling clubs etc.
And they had free stuff at this little gathering.

One of the free things they had was a sports psycologist. She gave the following graphic about thinking. She had the pilot in the wheel house - your brain steering the way - men down below working in the engine room - your subconscious - the pilot give the order to the men working - and they do it - but the trick is never give them a no, a don't etc. - because they only understand -"do this" so if you say "don't do this" they hear do this - eg: don't go in the water - they hear go in the water - very similar to your last paragraph under confidence. The boat was the golf game itself being push long by the pilot and his crew.

I will be trying to wear that hat you recommend.

best regards,


12-13-2002, 04:02 PM
Thanks, Stretch. I really enjoyed this.