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12-14-2002, 10:45 PM
I just finished watching a program yesterday on the bowling hall of fame and they were talking about Pete Weber and his former drug and alchohol problems. Now my question is why do young gifted atheletes turn to drugs and booze. We have all heard of the problems with young pool players turning to drugs and booze. Was just wondering what your thoughts were on the subject of the pool players aspect of it. And is there any help for them. John K.

12-14-2002, 11:00 PM
i saw the same show and i think the announcers made the point that pete weber was making so much money at such a young age and did not know how to handle it. the truth may also be true for young pool players who start gambling big and start winning and have no other outlet other than booze or drugs. alot of them play in bars and what else is there to do in bars except drinking. the temptation is to great i feel and the pressure of keeping up with the other people around them in the bar...JMHO.........Mike

12-14-2002, 11:46 PM
I don't know that is true. I have known lots of players and very few drank or did drugs. There are exceptions like Ronnie and Keith but for the most part they don't. I am not talking about some guy in a bar who happens to play pool or a league player who is there for the booze as much as the pool. I am talking about accomplished players. That has been my experiences any way. I would think that the percentage of players that have a drinking problem of do drugs may be lower then that of the general public.

12-15-2002, 01:36 AM
Well I agree for the most part. I found it rare when Ronnie didn't have a drink unless it was in the morning. Of course it was rare to see him in the morning unless he'd been up playing all night.

12-15-2002, 02:54 AM
I doubt there is any one single answer to this one, but I can somewhat speak from the side of experience on this one. When you are successful and have the cash, you are the man, and everybody is your friend. To socialize a good number of people go to bars/clubs whatever. Since you have got the money and are Mr. popular you can buy drinks and people will buy you drinks also and you get caught up in yourself and these people and its actually pretty easy to lose control. You almost feel obligated to go out and make these people have fun, or go to say hey to your bartender and wind up drinking the night away every night. Luckily I was smart enough to keep away from the drugs completely, but honestly I lost control of the alcohol. So due to my situation I can see how it is possible to lose control in the drugs too for those who get into it, and its hard to gain control back. It took almost getting myself killed driving drunk one night to wake me up. Not so much the harm to myself, but the thought that I could have easily killed or hurt someone else made me change my ways.
BTW, I haven't drank for almost a month now, and I've found out that I can still hang out the same places with the same people and still have a good time

12-15-2002, 07:52 AM
While ww and I do not drink, and it just happened that our 4 doesnt, in leagues I have noticed that the majority has between 2-4 beers during a match. With a match going 4 hours, this equates to about one beer per hour, with is within sober limits. It is rare that I am seeing players getting smashed. While my world of pool is relatively small, this is what I have observed. I do not believe that the majority of players smoke pot before a match although they might toke it up afterwards. neither would it benefit a player to take drugs before a match, especially barbs or opiates as these tend to slow down thought processes. Cocaine, crack or speed would interfere with focus.

I do not know where all this is going. i do think that even a great player does not stay at the top long if they are addicted to alcohol or drugs. This is just my opinion.


12-15-2002, 09:24 AM
It's not difficult to figure at all. These wonder-players find the edge missing in their games(it happens to them like it does to everyone), and somebody has possibly already introduced them to a taste of speed or coke and they liked the way they played then,,,so they go for it as an artificial recovery to that feeling. Thing that is bad is that it works in early days(years) until one day even that magic fix is killing you and your game. Add to that the fact that money is flowing and a few "big boys" you know does it and those guys win seemingly instantly after a trip for a refresher,,,well like I said, it isn't hard to figure at all. Little kids or big kids,,,there's just something that makes us dare just a little, some of us more than others to our individual degrees in our own pleasure of choice.

Booze lifts inhibitions, otherwise those early, steamy nights in the drive-in theaters when we were kids may have never become true "first time" experiences for us. I know many players who can accellerate in their game on a couple of beers but fail miserable after three-to-too-many. It simply makes you feel good, and feeling good is something a proportion of our public seems to have trouble finding naturally. Many seem to nearly always play better in that state of mind, be it a confidence boost or a relaxation additive. That good feeling does many times add a ball to many people's game with just a couple of drinks. It's all in how you "use it." Abuse it and you may as well just decide to have fun and forget about your win-lose ration. I personally want to have fun, so you'll rarely see me playing without a beer along side. Fun, after all is what it is all about(IMHO.) If winning was the drug I was looking for, I'd pick a more lucrative sport, probably golf.

BW(Silverbullet), you are mistaken about your views on focus vs coke and speed. It works for too many people to believe that, without even having to test it out yourself. I've always thought it would be fun to have a tournament in some part of the world(Amsterdam, Holland Championships) and allow drug use. I think it would be interesting to see the results, but it just might convince some youngsters to try it themselves being that there would be some intense performances from many who "let loose"(OMIMO)...sid~~~enjoys the suds, the only buds used here are Budweisers, coke = diet and comes in pitchers over ice

12-15-2002, 09:41 PM
i tend to think drugs, booze, and gambling all have the addiction factor. the addiction can be defined as a consequence to the action (drinking, gambling, drugs). people may have the addiction gene in their system, it could be from a response in their life experiences, or handed down from parents or grandparents, etc... (there is a 50/50 chance if one parent has addictive personality the child may).

young players have not defined or created their personality yet and can very easily get sidetracked with the excitment and rush of playing into feeling they must have the rush and excitment in order to feel normal. so they are playing and gambling, drinking and using drugs just to feel "normal" to them. this is distorted and not normal as they think it is.
many others will not have this lack of personality defination or give in and understand it is distorted lifestyle, and will be a majority of the people, but there will always be others who do not deal properly with the action and will fall into this pattern of bad consequences to his or her actions.

booze in particular has a chemical that the addticted person needs, with out booze added to their blood cells to make them feel normal, the cells will get to the point they need the booze.

#### leonard
12-15-2002, 11:45 PM
Rod the fellow that I played with Matt Ratigan had a poolroom in the twenties and booked Ralph Greenleaf for an exhibition. Ralph came in drunk, ran 125 and out, put on the trick shots and was gone in a little over a half hour. Hal Houle said Ralph didn't play well drunk but Matt ran a Bowling Alley/Bar and he could tell drunk when he sees it. Babe Cranfield told me of watching him run 117 and out in the 1927 Worlds championship game and he had to hold onto the table to keep from falling down. George Fels in his article on him said nearly half of his 125 and out were done when he was drunk.####