View Full Version : 9-ball on the break in a handicaped match

12-18-2002, 10:53 AM
Played in a 9-ball tournament 2 days ago in which I was ranked as a AAA, and my fisrt opponent was an A+ and in a race to 9 I had to give him a 4 games lead. I won the first one, the he won the second game. At 5-1, he was breaking. Well, what happened next was pretty interesting! He broke and made the 9 on the break 3 times in a row!!( And the balls were extremely well racked, so it was not the bad rack factor ) bringing the game to 8-1 after only 10 minutes of playing! First time I came close to defeat that quick! The guy was 100% sure he was going to win it easy from that point, but then for some reason ( probably because I had accepted the fact that I could loose and did not mind ) I got in the Zone and ran 4 racks in a row and after a few good safety battles and tight racks, I came back to 8-8. As the game was progressing the other guy's expression had totally changed going from ectasy to "Holy [censored]! What's going to happen in the next 15 minutes?" face. On the last break I made a ball but had to play safety. His turn to the table, and he says he had never faced that much pressure before and that if he mad one mistake that was it. We played a bunch of safeties and after a while he ran all the remaining balls and made the 9. I was very happy for him because he deserved to win it and he had experienced a lot of different emotions in one match alone and learned a lot, which was: anybody can beat anybody when you play well, you are not the winner until you make the last 9, comebacks are possible from any score, playing under pressure is great and can be fun, there is a lot to learn about the game and lots of emotions to live. Had not played an interesting match like that for a while and it cheered me up for the week. Had a beer with the guy after and we talked about our match and how cool it was. None of us won any money but we had a lot of fun for our money.