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9 Ball Girl
12-18-2002, 04:21 PM
Just a little FYI:

Sabrina Peterson - Anchorage 907-566-2212

Roger Long - Glendale 623-934-9719

Lisa D'Atri - Fairfax 415-456-5374
Woody Butterfield - Garden Grove 714-638-3284
Dave Chartier - Torrance 310-325-7665
Mark DePompa - Lancaster 667-948-9945
Bart Mahoney - Sacramento 916-947-7445
Wayne Whiting - San Luis Obispo 805-545-8482
Roy Yamane - Garden Grove 714-539-7707

Tom Rossman - Cloverdale 765-795-4968

Bob Henning - Livonia 734-953-0363
Matt Rosendahl - Kalamazoo 517-663-0123

Fred Schmidt - Columbia 573-445-3024

New Hampshire
Ron Tauchi - Nashua
Ken Tewksbury - Concord 603-225-8298

New Jersey
Todd Fleitmann - Elizabeth 908-352-5562
Ed Smith - Succasunna 973-224-3100

New York
Fran Crimi - New York 718-846-1967
Chris Lynch - New York 212-496-8180
Tony Robles - New York 212-995-1314

Jeffrey Clark - Rocky River 440-356-2654
Tom Simpson - Columbus 614-975-8337

Steve Lingelbach - Troutdale 503-674-8300

Mark Whiteside - Pittsburgh 412-781-7920

David Hodges - Richmond 804-358-7665

Ken Aylesworth - Renton 425-235-3813

Jerry Briesath - Lodi 608-592-4255

Calgary, Canada
Kathie MacDonald - 403-275-4896

12-18-2002, 06:40 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote 9 Ball Girl:</font><hr> Just a little FYI:
[snip] <hr /></blockquote> He prefaces this list with these two paragraphs-

"Recommended Instructors
There are over 200 hundred instructors in the BCA Program and another large group of instructors who do great work but have, as yet, not joined the program. I have come to know many of the instructors either in person or on the phone. We have talked about methods and theories of teaching the game. From these conversations I have developed a certain level of comfort in recommending their services.

"My list of recommended instructors is not intended to be comprehensive list of those who are well qualified to teach pool. It is merely a list of people I know personally who I feel could do a good job in helping you with your game. There are certainly a great number of highly qualified instructors on the BCA List that do not appear below. You can probably locate one near you by visiting BCA Certified Instructors. I suggest that you follow the suggestions in the section How to Improve when choosing an instructor.
Good luck."

It's all right here-