View Full Version : Best tournament, NOT in a pool room

03-11-2002, 01:08 PM
Having spent the last five years at Johnston City till it got closed up by the treasury dept. (by far the best of ALL) I would have to say the Courtney/Coffee tournament in Burlington IA (1970?) sticks in my mind. Gymnasium, with overlooking balconies, hotel with ring ten ball action at the end of the hallways, on the Mississippi River with Bob Ogburn hocking his new green Volvo wagon (he slept in it) to stay in a ring game with Searcy, Mataya, ___?__, (Scott Lee knows the other 4th player) for $300 a man with moisture and tight pockets like Louisiana in the summer. They played for over a day, Mataya went to bed, got up ate, came back and busted the game. The promoters stiffed the players and I forget, Courtney or Coffee looked like a crook (Peter Lourie) and turned out to REALLY be one. I think Rempe won it, I cashed my check right away at the gate before they figured out there was NO $$$ in the bank. BF