View Full Version : Shoot Pool To Impress Myself

12-19-2002, 12:52 PM
I've recently gotten a new attitude playing league and also playing funzy pool. ForEVER it seems that I have been so intense trying to deliver for either the team, my friends or even myself. Well I've decided that if I see something on the agressive and yet dangerous side of a shot selection that I will more times than in the past take that agressive shot. If I miss I chant to myself that "I don't care", and at the end of the night I feel better even though I might shoot a 24 out of a possible 50, and lost win-able games. I used to drive home after better scores in the past and me preaching to myself about boner shots I did miss. Not any more. I look at it this, if I want to "beat" players then I need to "work at it", and the rewards of beating players at the expense of working contradicts why I do this recreation,,,FUN.

No real reason for this post except to say that people who explode after misses might think about going to this extreme for a short time. It makes more sense(IMO) than exploding all over the place. Life is too damn short to beat yourself up over silly things like this..sid