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Jon from MN
12-21-2002, 08:58 AM
Beau Runningen is the only player in us history to win the nationals in both vnea and bca at 18 he also won the speed pool the scotch doubles. He grewup in nw mn his dad used to play on my team. We took Beau to tournaments with us once he played at 9yrs old and beat some champions really the national team champswere there he beat several and finished in 2nd place. later when he was about 12 we were at a tourny he beat the best players for the $$ and even had to give his autograph to some spectators. since then he moved to mpls to hone his game. He will be representing the USA in the olympics [juniours] and he has signed on with preditor cues. This kid is awsome and Im sure we will be seeing more of him in the future. Jon from MN

12-21-2002, 11:21 AM
What are you referring to when you say USA in the Olympics? Is he still a junior at 18?

Jon from MN
12-22-2002, 08:07 AM
yes he is 18 you have to be 21 to join the pros. he still has 3 years to groom himself. remember not even the great Cory Duel has accomplished what Beau has. Im not saying Beau will have the same inpact as duel has but remember his name. Jon from mn