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12-22-2002, 12:19 PM
...what this Christmas season is all about.

It isn't about "One Day Sales". It isn't about shopping malls or new toys and gifts.

It is about those defending our country on Christmas day while we fatten up on deep-fried turkeys and pumpkin pies. It is about those coal miners that were trapped in a collapsed mine, neck-deep in cold water, who huddled together and prayed, figuring this might be their last days, only to experience a miracle with all of them surviving.

It is about those victims of September 11th, who now serve as our Guardian Angels and of the families that will mourn yet another Christmas without their loved ones.

It is about the Police Officers and Fire Fighters who will stand watch while we sleep, awaiting the arrival of Santa and it is about those same brave men and women who will, somewhere in this country, lose their lives doing so and never get to see Christmas morning.

It is about the celebration of the birth of a baby, in a dirty, dank manger. A baby that would grow up just like you and I. A child that would become a man. A man that sweats, feels pain and sorrow and grows tired by the day's end. This man that would become our Savior. That is what this day is about.

So, as we sit on Christmas day, full from turkey, tired from chasing our children around the block on their new bicycles and dreading the removal of 600 light strands that adorn our homes, take time to remember the miracle that this holiday is all about.

Take stock of the blessings you have. Hug those whom you love. Think of the poor who have so much less material things in their possession than others but who also need to know that they are important too. Take time to dedicate a day to a charity.

Go to church or where ever you choose to worship. Thank God for this day. Thank Him for all that you have. Pray for those we know and those we have never seen, that are not here to celebrate this day. Think of those you know who are in need of a comforting voice or a helping hand and give.

Remember, this day is about the celebration of our Lord.

After all, he created "all things in heaven and on earth." That includes the maple trees and cocobolo wood that cues are made of. Does that make it easier to give thanks?

God bless all of you this Holiday season. Be safe. Be thankful.



12-22-2002, 12:54 PM
Ken is much better than I at expressing the true meaning of this Holiday season, may his words never stop flowing. I am truly blessed to have such a good friend!!!! Okay, okay and you too Ed.

12-22-2002, 07:27 PM
Thanks Ken. It is so easy to forget the simple things. the important things.


12-22-2002, 08:46 PM
Awww, thanks Les. Ken that was a nice post...My bro did not think you were that type of person. LOL