View Full Version : Burnishing with leather

12-23-2002, 10:21 AM
I keep hearing this phrase, exactly what does it mean? What type of leather is used and what things do you have to do to the shaft before burnishing it? Must it be cleaned with water for example?

12-23-2002, 02:52 PM
I went to a craft shop and the lady gave me some scrap pieces of tanned leather that are 3/16" thick. I cut two pieces that are about 3" x 2". These were then soaked with water and wrapped around a 1/2" diameter dowel and secured with a couple of tywraps. I wrapped one with the fuzzy side of the leather in towards the dowel and the other with the fuzzy side out. Afetr they completely dried they held their shape. You can now take either of these pieces and wrap it around the end of the cue shaft and stroke rapidly up and down, this is burnishing. If you have a lathe just wrap the leather around the shaft and spin the shaft, this is also burnishing. You should generate heat using either method. When burnishing the side of a newly installed tip I add some saliva to the tip only, by moistening my finger and applying the saliva to the side of the tip. When burnishing the shaft I will sometimes place a piece of waxed paper inside the leather burnishing sleeve. When enough heat is generated by stroking or spinning some of the wax is deposited on to the wood making it nice and smooth.

Paul Mon ~~~~~~hope this helps