View Full Version : my best shot

12-26-2002, 08:00 AM
In the finals of an 8 ball tourney with both players needing two games, I didn't have an offensive shot. My opponent had two balls tied up near the 2nd diamond on the long rail, so I was in good shape. I played a safe off of my last ball which was near the third diamond. It was 1/2" off of the rail and I just brushed it and bumped the rail. I asked him to watch the hit and everything and he picked up whitey claiming ball in hand. Everybody watching knew that it was wrong but after arguing with him I gave it to him. He broke up his cluster and left whitey on the 2nd diamond on the long rail behind his ball with a wide open table. My 10 was on the same rail at the other end of the same long rail, third diamond. I shot Grady's kick masse shot into the short rail and drilled the 10 in the corner. I've made hangers with that shot but never a ball that was almost 3 diamonds away from the pocket. Ended up crappy on the 8 but made a tough cut all of the way down table. Won the next rack too. I've made some tough shots but never any better timed, right after a questionable call. Thanks Grady!!!