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03-12-2002, 12:39 AM

The Pool Hall - Location, Manila, Philippines, its the shady type of pool hall, the type you do not bring your wife too...The pool hall charges on a Per Game Basis, You loose you pay one game.......

The Player (Thats me).....On a good spread I can normally run out on 9 balls...average I guess on a good night is 5-6 stringed balls

Now the story

I just discovered this Small Pool Hall near our place, so took my spare cue out of the trunk and started opening the case....this old man playing alone on some drills, said "wanna practice"...meaning no money involved....."I said "sure"....I wanted to practice alone....but playing against someone is much better.......

WE played Rotation, Race to 61 points....This guy started to clean rack after rack...he plays better than most pros I have seen on TV!!! I'd shoot but normally a bank shot......after three games, the score 3 - 0, He offered... "I'll give you some weight"....all you have to do 40 and I would have to make 80 !!!....I declined since the game was only for table fee and was a negligible amount....but he insisted....so off we go 40-80...still no bets...just playing for table fee.....the score was 4 -4 at this time and he said prior to the last game..."lets play for the table fee"...meaning the player who losses pays for all 9 games...."Ok sure"....I broke, I did not pocket anything...the guy cleaned house.....

Anyways... I researched this guy, He said his name was "Dolfo"...I started asking most of the road players I know who this Dolfo was....and most of the young guns said nope...dont know that guy........until I played this cue maker, Told him the same story and he asked how this looks guy looks and how old the guy is...."Roughly 60 something, white haired, thin, 5'4 etc...." and he said

"Thats the guy who thought Efren !!!"

BTW.....I went back, Dolfo was not there....I played one of his students....10-2.....Guess who got 2

03-12-2002, 01:53 AM
so who got 2?

03-12-2002, 01:58 AM
yeah i've heard about that guy. the man who does the work on my cue.... replacing tips and cleaning the shaft... told me his friend went to the Philippines and heard that there was someone better than efren. except the story that i heard is that he doesn't play pool anymore because he can barely stand. so i guess we MIGHT be thinking about two different people.

03-12-2002, 03:55 AM
Quick Ben. Take a Predator shaft to him. He might not know what's he's been missing all these years. LOL
I will verify this "myth" when Efren gets here on May.