View Full Version : Ever play in a "Line Tournament"?

12-27-2002, 01:31 PM
Every week at SnookerS in Cincy they have a line tournament. It's an interesting format. Let's say you have 16 players. You use 8 tables and you spread the players out according to known ability. The best 2 players on table 1, the next best 2 players on table 2 etc.

Everybody starts playing at the same time then when the first game is finished everybody moves.

If you win you move up one table (unless you win on table 1).

If you lose you move down one table (unless you lose on table 8).

Then you repeat the process for 3 hours. So you basically end up playing players of similar ability, but a variety of players nonetheless. It's great practice. They can usually get in about 18 rounds of 8-ball or 24 rounds of 9-ball. Whoever ends the day with the most wins gets the dough.