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12-27-2002, 05:37 PM

What's the deal now! I'm sorry to hear about the breakup between you and your dad, but come on. I saw that your dad's website q-masters.com, that mysteriously turned into your Mid atlantic 9-Ball, has been taken away by your ISP! I even called your phone number 757-472-8902 (as advertised on the previous website and fliers as the only contact for the tournament) and found that it is cut off too! Come on, man. What is going on? Will the tournament happen? I have read at your Fantasy 9-Ball site that people have waited months just for their tip piks. Will the $350 entry fees be refunded in a timely manner as well? A lot of people are getting very nervous.

Please reply with published answers.
Also a new phone number for access to you.


12-27-2002, 06:25 PM
right after Brady's announcement, I wrote him that I was coming to the tournament in Jan. He wrote back thanking me and said he looked forward to meeting me. Last I heard, the tournament was still happening, but like you updates would be nice.


Voodoo Daddy
12-27-2002, 07:24 PM
Email brady at qmstrbrady@aol.com He will answer your questions

12-27-2002, 11:33 PM
I changed the flyer on the hosted site (Fantasy9Ball.com) to reflect my new contact number

MY NEW NUMBER IS 757-328-3229

Hope to see everyone! /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

my new email is Brady@Fantasy9Ball.com

Aol IM is qmstrbrady

It's amazing what people will do to try to stir things up..

12-27-2002, 11:47 PM
Brady: Too many dotcoms in your link.


12-27-2002, 11:50 PM
Fixed, Thanks!