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01-02-2003, 07:55 PM
hello everyone, it's been awhile since i've posted. yikes cancer can be consuming but i'm back . just for a quick question... i know of Lance Armstrong and many other sports players who have rebounded and had better careers from hardships. any billiards players in history have a rebounding story? not just cancer but other bumps in life's road. i've read a fair amount of Ralph Greenleaf's drug problems. i do find him fascinating..marrying a true chinese princess, vaudeville...being the best in the world and at times the worst tournament player. any additional info on him i would love to know. also, please let me know of any huge hardships overcome by billirads players. my billiard encyclopedia only barely touches on this subject. by the way, my friend Fruedian slipped "one ball" instead of one pocket recently. lol....real lol and not a sarcastic one. it's nice to be back to the game. esp recently with the Mosconi cup.
ok the MOSCONI CUP! i have never seen such a positive delicously over-hyped, well produced for exitement, TV billiards event ever. nothing could be better for the sport. i found the "assembling of the Euro team" portion funny and amazed they were produed with real film! not the usual crappy live to tape stuff we usually see. at first i thought it was an expensively produced Mercedes commercial. the whole, he's a waiter..a cab driver.."there they are, let's go get them" thing was pleasantly amusing...powerful hype of the play to come. the crowd was fantastic..almost like a Guga tennis match. a televised dream for me to see true lengendary snooker players versus a team of expert "pool" players. great to see Mr. Varner for me play...amazing his shaky hands still hit near perfect. a great representative IMHO to say the least. i got to meet him several years ago but didn't have a chance to play him. in person that shaky stroke should give any old timer hope to be seriously competative. even more amazing to me is that that luck and bad rolls played a part in the tournament often. i feel sure the American team became unsettled by the boisterous crowd..much more involved this year than i've seen since Sigel vs. Varner. overall this has to be the most exiting televised tournamnt i've ever seen including purchased video. longer than an American football game to watch but true suspense throughout. most importantly i finally got to see Earl Strickland whom i admire but feel is a kind of a jerk, get goofy uncomfortable ...not because he was being a jerk at the time but when he tried to shake hands after he was ignored by the Euro team. Strickland being the better gentleman! priceless footage;-) a wonderful sight for me, although i wanted to see him on his game..poor rolls from his effort but not IMO poor play. i rooted the failing comeback...particularly from our two young players. Americans can definitely see the future of pool in Corey. my goodness, quite the gentleman and to me the best talent i've seen since Mr. Reyes. this subject has probably been well covered here but i wanted to give my take. it was a well televised, well produced event that even a non player could find exiting. i'm sorry the America lost... especially after seeing the true rude victory dance. a victory dance isn't a bad thing at all of course but it is when you ignore a team that tries to tell you congradulations. next year for sure they will lose 12-2 or worse. i'll bet on it..any takers?
this has to open some doors for larger pot tournaments in the near future. i wish our country celebrated the personality twists and history of the sport half as much as the europeans. with exiting television this can happen.
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p.s. hate to do this but i'm that desperate. health problems can wipe out anyone as i've recently learned. there should be insurance insurance as if things get bad one can get dropped mid tempo in recovery. ammassing bills that wipe out savings. to everyone reading this please know and be more proactive than me in coverage. i trusted insurance but it isn't apparantly anything to trust. i was a member of Ochsner HMO "the caring HMO" which is OOB and apparantly not so caring. poor advertising bastards. i'm having trouble making rent these days with savings nearly exhausted so if anyone could send me any funds it would be neat. embarressing to post to say the least, especially to ask but i have to as things are that close and i am not yet healed to work. i am now bald! no more long hair for me. about time :-) lol. best regards and good straight solid stroked shooting.