View Full Version : OZ is back

01-05-2003, 05:58 PM
the show the keeps me out of jail is back on HBO tonight

Dead Man Talking
60 min.
The gutsy prison drama known for its nudity, grisly violence and graphic language begins its sixth and final season.

Tonight's premiere, which was penned by co-executive producer Tom Fontana, has its share of surprises, one of which involves the death of disabled prisoner Augustus Hill in last season's finale. In other developments, Rebadow (George Morfogen) meets the new librarian (Patti LuPone); Beecher's father (Edward Herrmann) assists with Keller's defense; Schibetta (Eddie Malavarca) confronts Ryan O'Reily (Dean Winters); Glynn lets Alvarez out of solitary; and Winthrop (Andy Powers) tries to improve his standing with the Aryan inmates.