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01-13-2003, 03:13 PM
I had a conversation the other day and the player I was talking with mentioned bleaching a shaft with Clorox to remove all color. Is this feasable? If so what mixture method would you use???sid

01-13-2003, 03:21 PM
i know this guy who uses clorox on his shaft to clean it, it come out smooth and clean but it looks discolored. a little on the yellow side.
he has been doing this to the same shaft for about 3 years now,and it feels and plays well to me, but the color thingy will keep me from trying it on my shaft.
ill stick to wiping it down with a warm damp paper towel after every use.

Pizza Bob
01-13-2003, 03:29 PM
I believe the product Q-Clean (part of the Q-slick, Q-clean, Q-smooth triumverate) is, at least partially, powdered chlorine bleach. They say to use a damp cloth and apply the powder. Between the slightly abrasive powder and the bleach it does a fairly credible job. You should then wipe it down with a damp clean cloth to remove all residue and finally burnish until dry.

I have heard of people using Soft Scrub (which also has bleach), but don't know the effect of the other cleaners (detergents) found in that product. I'd stick to something intentionally compounded for cue cleaning.


Pizza Bob

01-13-2003, 03:33 PM
Diluting Clorox in water, 50/50 does do a great job, but I have to agree that QClean is the best way to go. It seems to work well without the hassle of the smell and discoloring.

L.S. Dennis
01-13-2003, 07:54 PM
I suppose it all depends on how "white" you want the shaft to be. I've use Ajax powdered cleanser with bleach that seems to work every bit as good a Q-Clean. I usually spin the shaft on my lathe then apply some of the Ajax with a little water and a tuff scub pad. The shaft defenitely comes clean, then a little touch up with some 1000 grit sand paper and you're ready to go. A little cue wax as a last step wouldn't hurt either.

01-14-2003, 09:50 AM
As the others have stated Q-Clean is partially powdered bleach. I've used it for 3 years with no adverse effects. It really takes the chalk stains out. It's not expensive at all. One $6 bottle has lasted me 3 years so far..altogether probably 25 cleanings of my shafts and others.

Wally~~thinks clorox should be used on laundry only

01-14-2003, 11:57 AM
What ever you decide to use to clean your shaft you should not spin it on the lathe. You should work on a surface going with the grain. If I were to use a scrubber I would use 0000 steel wool. Working with the grain will clean it best and won't create the scratches around the circumference of the shaft that have to be sanded out. 1000 paper is not that fine, you should go with 2000. I would not put the shaft in the lathe until you are ready to do the final polishing. I my self don't deep clean my shafts, I like the patina they take on with use. I just keep them wiped down and smooth.