View Full Version : What is the cost of a booth at a Billiards Expo?

Harold Acosta
03-13-2002, 04:31 PM
Anyone out there knows the cost of a booth at the Super Billiards Expo, or the BCA Expo?

I'm doing some research for an aquaintance that is thinking about doing a local expo in Puerto Rico. We would like to know what is the price for a booth at Expo's and Local tournaments.

Anyone who feels that the info should not be posted here could send me a private message.

Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

Harold - Puerto Rico

03-13-2002, 06:13 PM
Exhibits: The BCA International Trade Expo 2002 will feature more than 275 vendors in over 1,300 10'x10' exhibit spaces at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. Only BCA voting and associate members are eligible to rent exhibit space, but all companies are welcome to become BCA members. Associate membership ($500 annual dues) entitles a company to rent one (1) or two (2) 10'x10' exhibit spaces. Voting membership ($1,000 annual dues) entitles a company to rent an unlimited number of exhibit spaces.

Cost to Exhibit: $990 per 10'x10' booth space plus annual membership dues if not yet paid for the year.

Not cheap at all.... from http://www.bca-pool.com/industry/

03-14-2002, 05:51 PM
Just out of curiosity is pool big in Puerto Rico. Are there many poolrooms. What are the rates to play? Anything you may think is of interest about the pool scene in Puerto Rico.

Harold Acosta
03-14-2002, 08:42 PM
Pool is big in Puerto Rico; however, there is only 3 upscale rooms here and it is kind of an "underground" thing, meaning that Pool/Billiards is not taken seriously.

You will definitely find thousands of bars with one or two 7 ft tables. You can still play in many places for a quarter. In better places the cost is 50 cents.

Table time for rooms with 9 ft tables is an average of $5.00 bucks an hour. One of the places I visit on weekends cost $3.00 and hour on Mondays through Wednesdays. $5.00 and hour Thursdays through Sundays. Four 9 foot tables, 8 bar tables. Bar table cost is 50 cents.

The place where you will usually find me is about 2 miles away from my home. Cost is $3.00 on Mondays. Tuesdays through Saturdays at $5.00 an hour. Everything stated includes 2 players. One gold Crown, 3 bar tables. Bar table cost is 50 cents.

There is only one major tournament in Puerto Rico, sponsored by a Puerto Rican Rum. They hold tournaments in 8 Regions in Puerto Rico. In at least 4 of those Regions, players reach the 128 maximum players per tournament. No cost to enter. First prize is $2,500 and a bar table for 8 ball players. $1,500 for 9 Ball players. Tournament was originally for 8 ball players only. Then after much convincing, we got them to hold a 9 ball tournament simultaneosly for the better players. It has been thought about doing the Expo simultaneously with this tournament.

We have about 30 proven players that could play in the U.S. The problem here is that pool/billiards is strongly related to the liquor and cigarette companies. If people think the image in the US is bad. You should come here and see that you guys are in heaven with concerns to Pool/Billiards in Puerto Rico.

I have been part of an attempt to organize pool/biliards twice. We'd have no success due to the fact that many people do not want to pay dues, and many ignore the fact that we are serious in our attempts, and only have words of discouragement and doubts about having a clean organization.

Any more info, just email me.