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01-14-2003, 11:12 PM
Hey Brady. How about updating us with a list of players already signed up to play next week..thanks in advance for your cooperation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mike

01-15-2003, 08:20 AM
There are 97 Players registered for my first event. 29 of which are not paid as of yet. The players listed below are paid. I will update this in a few days

First Name Last Name
Allen Hopkins
Andy Lincoln
Art Wiggins
Bill Blanda
Bill Ferguson
Buddy Hall
Carmen Lombardo
Charlie Williams
Corey Harper
Cory Deuel
Dave Bollman
Dee Adkins
Doria Olivier
Earl Strickland
Efren Reyes
Evan Broxmeyer
Evgeny Stalev
Fabio Petroni
Franciso Bustamante
Frank Alvarez
Frank Durham
Fred Congleton
George SanSouci
Grady Mathews
Hsin Huang
Jody Swim
John Horsefall
Johny Archer
Jose Parica
Joseph Fronek
Lane Dick
Larry Nevel
Luc Salvas
Marko Lohtander
Max Eberle
Mika Immonem
Mike Coltrain
Mike Davis
Mike Lebron
Nick Varner
Paul Potier
Fabio Petroni
Q-Master Qualifier
Ralf Souquet
Ramil Gallego
Robert Doral
Rodney Morris
Rodolfo Luat
Ronnie Alcano
Ronnie Wiseman
Santos Sambajon
Shawn Putnam
Stepanov Konstantin
Thomas teshner
Tim Hall
Timothy Murray
Tinshey Johnson
Tony Anigoni
Tony Crosby
Tony Robles
Tony Rodriguez
Ty Laha
Vincent Marcellino
Voytek Partyka
Warren Kiamco
Wetch Jimmy
Young Hwa Jeong
Zima Grigory

The phone is ringing off the hook and we may have a Full Field and possibly have to turn away players. If you know a player that wants to play and thinks he is going to register when he gets here, Have him call me 757-328-3229

Thank You,
Brady Behrman